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Some new trailers/video on the web, worth checking out…

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
Nightmare Before Christmas redux? It’s great to see them get the same look with CG.

Looks like it’s got some amazing visuals, but I don’t know if the writing/voice-acting will be able to keep up.

Kung Fu Hustle
Wow! From the same guy that brought us the hilarious, Shaolin Soccer. I can’t wait.

Oh, and you can also watch that creepy new Nike ad.

Is it mean to be laughing?

Last week some of the big, hip, high-traffic, web-celebrity blogs and meme sites posted (non-ironic) links to this page and video. Basically, this guy Justin has been blogging since before the internet was even around (I’d never heard of him until now, which I guess makes me a much lower caliber blogger). So he went and had a nervous breakdown and video-taped it and posted it on the web. What was his nervous breakdown about? Of course it was about posting his whole life on the internet, but still feeling so alone, yadda, yadda… When I finally mustered up the courage to watch this guy weep for 10 minutes, well, I laughed a little. First off, he reminded me of the How to Be Emo kid. Probably because crying into a webcam in the middle of the night has got to be pretty high up there on the emo scale. I should probably have more sympathy for this guy, because I’m not exactly without my fair share of mental problems. But seriously, if posting your life on the internet instead of connecting with real people is driving you crazy… um, that’s a pretty easy thing to fix. Or embrace it and start writing poetry and songs, and call your band Bright Eyes, or The Jeff Buckley’s or The Whiny McWhiners. I hear chicks really dig depression in the form of sweaty musicians.

In response, somebody did make a parody video of the breakdown, which had me laughing too, but missed the mark in a few spots.

Has your profound love for the internet ever brought you to tears?

teh OMG WTF!

ROFLcopter and LOLlerskates!

OMG Clothing. Submit a slogan for a T-Shirt and people vote on it, etc… Lots of good ones. I liked, “You just wasted 5 seconds” and, “Je suis Napoleon!” and, “1) inhale. 2) gas exchange. 3) exhale.” I submitted a few, but I’m saving the good ones. They claim all the rights to whatever you submit. Lame.

Speck, I guess we’ll just have to make our own, “Fat chicks need love too, they just have to pay.”

The Communists, The Bad and the Tiny

Just when I was starting to not hate Microsoft so much (gotten used to using WinXP at work every day, have a lot of good friends that work at, and sometimes enjoy, MS, and I quite like my Xbox), Bill Gates comes along like a true asshat and says some idiotic things regarding intellectual property. Here’s another good post covering more of the implications. Like the impressionable reactionary that I am, I really want one of these shirts. Go Creative Commons!

After Gates’ less-than-stellar performance at the electronics show (he even blue-screened during a demonstration!), and subsequent interviews, it seemed fitting to have Steve Jobs step up to the plate at MacWorld and hammer numerous tiny-but-pretty nails into Microsoft’s coffin. No, Microsoft certainly won’t go out of business any time soon, but I think we’re in store for a very interesting year. Now if Apple would just break their iTunes Music Store free of the bloated, antique record industry.

Washed from the Headlines

Well it looks like that big tsunami disaster is already taking the backseat in news headlines because, heaven forbid, it’s raining hard in California. The top tsunami story on CNN is the third headline now, and it’s about there being fewer US casualties than originally estimated. Most other countries continue to increase their numbers of confirmed dead. US media can be absolutely sickening.

I also wanted to mention this excellent article from Brad Steinbacher at the Stranger. Great insight into amateur video footage of disasters and why it is so much more frightening than the biggest Hollywood disaster movies. If you want to see more of the amateur footage from the tsunami, has been collecting clips. They’re all hosted on

Three Volcanoes

Three Volcanoes

Taken on my flight back to Seattle. From left to right: Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, and Mount St. Helens. Click for the full size picture, where you can just barely make out the plume of steam from St. Helens.

1/18 – Correction: The first is Mount Adams, not Mount Hood as originally stated. Thank you, anonymous commenter.

New Year’s in Boston

Sheesh, some people are a little impatient. But at last here are the pictures from my two nights in Boston, visiting Speck and her posse. Yes, it’s OK to call her “Speck,” as much as she says she doesn’t like it, ALL of her friends refer to her as “Speck,” so she’s more than used to it. Since there was already a Chase in the group, I was given a number of different nicknames, including Sterling (the other Chase’s real name) and Chase 2 Electric Bugaloo. Electric Bugaloo stuck, and I found myself answering to that quite a bit. New Year’s Eve Eve consisted of karaoke and dress-up, as you can see. In memory of her times in Seattle, Speck and I sang a drunken duet of Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta. New Year’s Eve was primarily Pabst, fake mustaches and dress-up. There was also a hazy 4AM game of poker, which I somehow managed to win. Made enough to pay for one of my two parking tickets. Speck, what’d you do with the other? It was quite a memorable couple days. Thanks again to the gracious hosts, and especially to Miya for all the great food. Happy New Year again!

Xmas Bash in Connecticut

Over my week home for the holidays, I ended up with nearly 200 photos on my camera, and boy are there some good ones. Before even getting to New Years in Boston, I need to take care of a little party that happened the day after Christmas. Chuck hosted a great drink-fest, where we completely demolished his extensive wine collection. In the end the tally came to something like 15 bottles finished, which means almost 3 full bottles consumed per person. That isn’t even including the mega-bottle that we were all chugging from. When did we all become such binge drinkers? None of us even drank in highschool! There isn’t much else to say. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Mark, you’re a champ!

Boston New Year’s pictures with Speck and her gang, coming soon…

Stringy New Year!

December was my site’s busiest month to date (traffic-wise, not bandwidth) and I really wasn’t sure why until I looked at my search string results. The holiday season brought 199 hits for the phrase “bad santa.” A certain photo I took at a Christmas party last year is on the ninth page of Google’s image search.

In addition to misbehaving Santa pictures, a certain other subject brought a lot of traffic here last month. Last time I summarized my search strings, I mentioned “elastigirl ass” and “Incredibles porn.” I should have known better. Of course animation-related, and especially Disney-related porn has a huge following on the interporn… er, pornterweb… I mean… International Library of Porngress. The total was around 300+ hits for naughty Incredibles or Elastigirl-related search strings. And with this paragraph, I’m sure I’ve solidified my position even more.

Here are some of the less-popular, but rather amusing strings from December…

hairy cheeks – this makes me giggle
anchorman will ferrell photos gun show – I’ve got my two tickets
giddy quotes – tee-hee!
i like my women like i like my jokes – Old and tired?
is there art without an audience – maybe I should go back to taking this site more seriously
jedzillahere he is in Japan
snot guns – I got two. One for each of ya. ::sniff::
web browther – thurfing the web with a lithp

Every Bit Helps

Seeing and reading the news of the tsunami aftermath for the past week, really hit me hard. After spending a great week with family and friends, celebrating the holidays, and eating and drinking to excess, I felt guilty for how fortunate we all really are. It wasn’t much, but I just donated a bit through Amazon’s Red Cross Donation page. Even after buying Christmas gifts and New Year’s champagne, I know you still have a couple bucks you can spare. I urge you to do what you can. There’s plenty more info on how to help and organizations taking donations at this Tsunami Help Needed site.