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Some new trailers/video on the web, worth checking out… Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Nightmare Before Christmas redux? It’s great to see them get the same look with CG. Appleseed Looks like it’s got some amazing visuals, but I don’t know if the writing/voice-acting will be able to keep up. Kung Fu Hustle Wow! From the […]

Is it mean to be laughing?

Last week some of the big, hip, high-traffic, web-celebrity blogs and meme sites posted (non-ironic) links to this page and video. Basically, this guy Justin has been blogging since before the internet was even around (I’d never heard of him until now, which I guess makes me a much lower caliber blogger). So he went […]

CNN is the new Onion

CNN.com has provided some great healines lately, and I’m really starting to wonder whether there’s a web guy on the inside who’s getting the last laugh. Here are the two most recent examples… Bush: Better human intelligence needed Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider

teh OMG WTF!

ROFLcopter and LOLlerskates! OMG Clothing. Submit a slogan for a T-Shirt and people vote on it, etc… Lots of good ones. I liked, “You just wasted 5 seconds” and, “Je suis Napoleon!” and, “1) inhale. 2) gas exchange. 3) exhale.” I submitted a few, but I’m saving the good ones. They claim all the rights […]

I was taking notes

Napoleon Dynamite on skills: “You know, like numchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.”

The Communists, The Bad and the Tiny

Just when I was starting to not hate Microsoft so much (gotten used to using WinXP at work every day, have a lot of good friends that work at, and sometimes enjoy, MS, and I quite like my Xbox), Bill Gates comes along like a true asshat and says some idiotic things regarding intellectual property. […]

Washed from the Headlines

Well it looks like that big tsunami disaster is already taking the backseat in news headlines because, heaven forbid, it’s raining hard in California. The top tsunami story on CNN is the third headline now, and it’s about there being fewer US casualties than originally estimated. Most other countries continue to increase their numbers of […]

Three Volcanoes

Taken on my flight back to Seattle. From left to right: Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, and Mount St. Helens. Click for the full size picture, where you can just barely make out the plume of steam from St. Helens. 1/18 – Correction: The first is Mount Adams, not Mount Hood as originally stated. Thank you, […]

Victor the Budgie

Let me introduce you to Victor the Talking Budgie. I would have to disagree with the owner that Victor understands context in what he is saying, because most of it makes no sense whatsoever. But Victor does offer a few gems of wisdom, including my favorite, “Good people fart bad air.”

New Year’s in Boston

Sheesh, some people are a little impatient. But at last here are the pictures from my two nights in Boston, visiting Speck and her posse. Yes, it’s OK to call her “Speck,” as much as she says she doesn’t like it, ALL of her friends refer to her as “Speck,” so she’s more than used […]

Xmas Bash in Connecticut

Over my week home for the holidays, I ended up with nearly 200 photos on my camera, and boy are there some good ones. Before even getting to New Years in Boston, I need to take care of a little party that happened the day after Christmas. Chuck hosted a great drink-fest, where we completely […]

Stringy New Year!

December was my site’s busiest month to date (traffic-wise, not bandwidth) and I really wasn’t sure why until I looked at my search string results. The holiday season brought 199 hits for the phrase “bad santa.” A certain photo I took at a Christmas party last year is on the ninth page of Google’s image […]

Every Bit Helps

Seeing and reading the news of the tsunami aftermath for the past week, really hit me hard. After spending a great week with family and friends, celebrating the holidays, and eating and drinking to excess, I felt guilty for how fortunate we all really are. It wasn’t much, but I just donated a bit through […]