Gee, Strings for Everything

Wow, I posted disappointingly few entries in the two months since I last did this. Maybe I should try picking up the blogging pace. Then again, maybe not.

October and November highlights, here we go…

chihuahua – the new top search string for the past two months, (244 hits for it in November!) beating out the former favorite stencils
ballcock – tee-hee, I said “allco”
bizzle – 5 hits in Octizzle
alex skyler – they have become one
guns don’t kill people people with moustaches kill peopleya damn right
10mb blowjob – is that compressed or uncompressed?
jiu jitsu fixed gear – I’m definitely not hip enough
realistic robot babies .com – I just might have to buy that domain
thanksgiving turkey soccer animated gif – what?
elastigirl ass pic – wow, people are after The Incredibles porn already!
gay lopolis – isn’t my site faaabulous?

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