December 2004
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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A sequence of events… 10:15PM red-eye plane flight from Seattle to Philadelphia, successful. Connecting flight from Philadelphia to Hartford, departing 7:45AM? Delayed because they were short one stewardess, and she was, “on her way.” Ten minutes later, flight cancelled. Half an hour spent standing in line for customer service, while at the same time on […]

Take That Winter Solstice!

Here you come into our lives last night, giving us the longest night (15 hours, 36 minutes!?) we’ll see for a few thousand years, because you got lucky with that whole “wobbly Earth axis” thing. And today? The shortest day we’ll see for just as long. Oh, but wait… I bet you weren’t expecting this… […]

Window Washers

There is currently a young man hanging from a harness and rope just outside the window to my left. I desperately want to stare at his contraptions and rapelling (not to mention squeegee) techniques, but he’s… like… right there. And just like that, he’s finished our windows and has moved down to the next, leaving […]

Found Haiku

As per Liz’s Found Haiku “bloject”: Morning correspondence: I changed the ad map Returned the Classmates icon To the MOFO page Ode to Outlook: Inbox, Junk E-mail Misc, Office Correspondence Outbox, Sent Items

Strangercrombie the Third

This marks the first year that I’m not handling all the eBay auctions for the Stranger’s (and Portland Mercury’s) annual Holiday Charity Gift Auction. It has still been a lot of fun watching the auctions and seeing how much people are willing to bid on mostly useless stuff, not to mention seeing how much influence […]


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Skyler, my old college roommate Ward, and I had a long discussion about the nature of work nowadays. The ideas of being a slave to business and commercialism… How the average job does not actually produce anything… And a bit of the mid-20′s, Fight Club-style angst and urge for breaking out […]

Holidays in a Nutshell


Those dreams of old places, old friends and old crushes. You just talk and laugh as if nothing ever changed. You fall for the same smiles over and over and feel comforted and safe. Then you wake to find that those people really are far away living different lives now. You could call or write, […]

Blogging for boredom

Since everyone else’s blog has been utterly devoid of life in the past few days (except for you Skyler, the new photos are great. ok, I’ll give Jason a little credit too for posting a cryptic, angry entry yesterday.), I felt I needed to break the silence in hopes that a few of you will […]

Swanky Soiree

We had our company Christmas party this past week at the Columbia Tower Club, on the top floor of Seattle’s tallest building. I couldn’t help but feel a little fancy when I pressed the button on the elevator labeled “75 – Members Only.” Although I missed the tours of the women’s room, word is that […]

Gee, Strings for Everything

Wow, I posted disappointingly few entries in the two months since I last did this. Maybe I should try picking up the blogging pace. Then again, maybe not. October and November highlights, here we go… chihuahua – the new top search string for the past two months, (244 hits for it in November!) beating out […]