Daily Archives: November 24, 2004

Whoopsie-daisy in Rio

Heard the news that our good ‘ol boy, Sal, has made it to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I won’t say he’s there “safe and sound” because just the other night I rented the movie, City of God, and well, good luck Sal. Try not to piss too many people off.

But seriously, the movie was incredibly good. It told the true story of a boy growing up with the dream of being a photographer in Rio’s “Cidade de Deus” (City of God) neighborhood, which is it’s most notorious slum. It was one of the more violent movies I’ve seen, and it painted an incredibly gritty picture of life in that section of Rio. Most of the actors were young kids who were growing up in Rio slums themselves, and much of the emotion and conflict was ad-libbed. The narrative tricks (leaping foward and back in time, narrator dropping hints about plot twists, etc…) also added to the fast-paced and gripping nature of the film. I highly recommend it.