Super-powered Celebrities

I had a fairly big celebrity sighting last Friday on my walk home from work. On my way past the Gap, across from the Pacific Place mall, I noticed a girl rush outside to her friend, clutching a piece of paper and saying, “It was him!” I figured she must have gotten an autograph, and there must be someone important in there. I looked inside as I walked by and sitting in one of the chairs just inside the Gap was Mike Myers. Yup, Wayne/Austin Powers himself. I opted not to grab my camera and take a picture, because I didn’t want to add to the rapidly growing mob of attention he was starting to get. This brings my random, on-the-street celebrity sightings in Seattle to 3. The first being David Cross eating breakfast at Septieme, about a year ago, and the second, Steven Wright (spotted first by Andy) walking along First Ave. this past Spring.

Last night I had a heavily Incredibles-influenced dream involving superheroes, and Mike Myers and David Cross were two of them. I think David Cross’ powers were something between the Human Torch and a shape-shifter (yeah, a lot like the baby in the Incredibles). Unfortunately he wasn’t too impressive because he kept getting stuck in wooden-table form before catching on fire, so he always ended up burning himself. I can’t remember what my power was, but I think it was something rather useless like being able to walk 10x faster. Not run, just walk. A variation on Elastigirl was in our group too, but she was a bitch. Unlike regular superhero teams that work together and kick evil’s ass, we regularly got whupped. Most of the dream involved us nursing our injuries, arguing about tactics, and trying to sew up holes in our lousy costumes.

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