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Month November 2004

I almost forgot…

…to tell all of you that The Onion wrote an article about me last week. Quite scary. But anyway, it’s time for me to head home and sit in bed while I watch TV and eat Chinese.

Turkey Day Zingers

Alex’s step-Grandmother: “I need to get back to the kictchen to whip the cream.” Alex: “Whip it good.” At a table with four girls we’d just met… Girl 1: “So, Ward, what’s with the string around your finger?” Ward: “Oh, it’s in memory of a girl I knew.” Chase: “It’s to remind him to put […]

Whoopsie-daisy in Rio

Heard the news that our good ‘ol boy, Sal, has made it to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I won’t say he’s there “safe and sound” because just the other night I rented the movie, City of God, and well, good luck Sal. Try not to piss too many people off. But seriously, the movie was […]

Begins with “Hal” ends with “2″

Thanks to Andy we’ve had a copy of Halo 2 in the house for three weeks now, and thanks to my convenient excuse/justification of “I’m sick, I should stay in this weekend,” I now have a copy of Half-Life 2. Two very different games, yet oh-so similar. First, to solidify my already well-established geekiness: A […]

Where am I?

During my new regular routine downtown, I’ve noticed a lot of odd little things here and there, that I’d never thought would be commonplace in my life. Shoe shines: I have yet to get my shoes shined, but not for lack of places to go. Seems like every building lobby or concourse downtown has a […]

Super-powered Celebrities

I had a fairly big celebrity sighting last Friday on my walk home from work. On my way past the Gap, across from the Pacific Place mall, I noticed a girl rush outside to her friend, clutching a piece of paper and saying, “It was him!” I figured she must have gotten an autograph, and […]

A Day Away

Requisite Angry/Disappointed/I’m Moving/But Not Really Post

I was tempted to post my angry, knee-jerk reaction to the election results yesterday, but what would the point have been? The internet has been full of ridiculous sensationalism (cough:politicalweblogs:cough) in the past few days/months, and there’s no need to add to it. After some more thought, I decided I’d just link to a few […]

Bring ‘Em On!

A number of people have been posting this video still in honor of the election. It is finally upon us.