A Little Stringy

Once again I’ve missed a couple months looking at my logs of search strings, so here’s what caught my eye for August and September…

licky boom boom
moustaches kill people
bermuda bahama c mon pretty mama to key largo lyrics – sounds like you know most of ’em
guinness world record adam’s apple
jesuses photos – I think he took “Holy”-roids
list of movies with sex and violence – Longest. List. Ever.
stomach drunk – liver wasted
middlemen needed – the job listings I was responding to
sleeping asses collections
what is a goatherd – you sir, are a goatherd

4 thoughts on “A Little Stringy

  1. alexs

    By far the most common search string that leads people to the various meatfreezer.com sites is something related to “pictures of poop” or “shit pictures,” although we do get a fair number of hits for “shirtless boys.”


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