Monthly Archives: October 2004

It all makes sense now

Here’s an interesting article in the Puget Sound Business Journal about W3 Data, where I learned a few more things about the place I work. 62 employees? Everyone kept telling me it was between 40 and 50. I guess they’re still growing fast. Everyone at work was laughing at the line about our buying for their database. Haha… their database!? Haha… yes, I get it, that’s just silly. (whuuuh?)

While not as amusing as the acronym-laden slang of a biotech manufacturing environment, working for a tech company certainly has it’s moments. Here are a few of the phrases and sentences that I’ve heard, read or used myself (and understood) in the past weeks…

“I set up the page names in QA OAS for WP and to take the med_rect listpos.”
“Hey guys, I’m pushing the new a new RC for DS.”
“Don’t install the GC API yet.”
“Have Ops set you up on Prune.”

Yesterday we had a little information session on supplemental insurance through Aflac. They offer packages for accident insurance, life, disability, etc… In explaining the benefits of disability insurance the representative said the following:

“You’re 8 times more likely to be disabled in your lifetime, than you are to die.”

Crap, I don’t like those odds.

Team EPO Rides Again

In true Team EPO fashion, I was lazy and put off posting photos from last weekend’s ride until now. Ken, Alex, Jeremy and I set off around noon to catch the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, in order to follow the route of the the 2004 Chilly Hilly, around the entire island. It was a great day and wasn’t chilly at all, but it was definitely hilly. Judging from our exhaustion, we clearly weren’t doping enough.

The ride was 40 miles total, took us 3 1/2 hours, and speeding down a few of the hills, I managed to top 42 mph on my bike. Trust me, that’s a frightening speed to be going on a bike.

Blowin’ in the wind…

Now that I’ve been working at the new job for just over a week, I’ve learned a bit more about the building itself. First off, here’s a good overview of the Rainier Tower with some more photos, and a nice line-up of the tallest Seattle highrises.

Looking at the base of the building, you may already feel that it isn’t the safest-looking thing. Well, what if I told you it was designed by the same architect as the World Trade Center Towers, Minoru Yamasaki? I know the architect isn’t to blame in the slightest for what happened to the towers, but just knowing of that odd connection still gave me a chill. The Rainier Tower shares the same central core design as many of Yamasaki’s other buildings, and is actually one of the most earthquake resistant buildings in Seattle. OK, I feel a bit better now.

Oh, but wait… I’m in the bathroom at work, standing at the urinal, wondering why I’m finding it a little hard to keep my balance… And what’s that creaking sound? It was the building swaying in the wind. My coworkers confirmed it and said you can feel it even more on stormy days. Not only do I work in an interesting building, but I get a thrill ride for free!! I wonder what the top floor feels like.

A Little Stringy

Once again I’ve missed a couple months looking at my logs of search strings, so here’s what caught my eye for August and September…

licky boom boom
moustaches kill people
bermuda bahama c mon pretty mama to key largo lyrics – sounds like you know most of ’em
guinness world record adam’s apple
jesuses photos – I think he took “Holy”-roids
list of movies with sex and violence – Longest. List. Ever.
stomach drunk – liver wasted
middlemen needed – the job listings I was responding to
sleeping asses collections
what is a goatherd – you sir, are a goatherd

An Odd Scene

I returned home from work yesterday to see the apartment manager standing outside the elevator door. The scene went something like this…

MGR (shouting into the elevator): Don’t worry, I called the repair man and he’ll be here in about a half hour! If you start panicking, I’ll call 911.
ME: Oh no, someone’s stuck?
MGR: Don’t worry it’s just Tim (the other apartment manager, her boyfriend).
TIM (muffled shout from inside): OK! I’ll just lie down and take a nap.