Job-related stats

Haven’t been updating too much because 1) we’ve been giving Liz a 3 week long going away party and 2) I’ve been working a part time temp job while interviewing non-stop for full time work. Here are some statistics to summarize the job crap in the past few weeks:

Phone Interviews: 9
In-Person First Interviews: 8
Second Interviews: 2
Business Cards Collected: 11
Job Offers: 0

Songs on the “light favorites” station at work that make me want to kill myself:

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams
Celebrate – Kool & the Gang (how did this end up a light favorite?)
Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx
Kiss From A Rose – Seal
Hero – Enrique Iglesias (but thanks to the Admiral‘s rendition, I always burst out laughing when it starts)

One thought on “Job-related stats

  1. jed

    funny you should mention the music. here in japan, they play a lot of that light music (titanic theme, hall and oates, and many many others) except it’s all muzack (or whatever it’s called.) it’s actually pretty funny, as it somehow replaces the annoyance of those songs with a feeling of confusion/hilarity.

    also, it’s still much better than some of the crap they listen to here. i mean seriously, have you ever heard japanese rap? kudos for trying fellas, but c’mon… even i can rap better than that.

    and another thing!… actually that’s all i had to say, i just really wanted to say ‘and another thing.’

    end scene


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