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Month September 2004

Monkey Stickers

This is one of the newest street art sticker memes hitting Capitol Hill in Seattle, and I really like it. It isn’t as omnipresent as the bald man or the coldkillr ghost (I’ll rant on why I dislike the ghost soon), but the monkey stickers are spreading fast around the neighborhood and their variety is […]

The Joys of Temping Part II

Continuing what I started here. Character refresher… President (Pres), Uber-late-term pregnant coordinator (Coord, who has now had her baby after two days of prelabor and then 6 hours of labor), the bookkeeper (Book), and the cats… Computers… Book does not understand them, and especially not the internet or e-mail. Now, I agree it’s a little […]

The Joys of Temping Part I

For the past month and a half during my job search I’ve been temping at a small property management company to pay the bills. I’ve done the temping thing before, and while it’s usually mind-numbing work, it can be fun to meet some really interesting people and see a business environment you might never have […]

Heroes and Fables

This past weekend I got out to see Hero. It was beautifully shot and it used color in some stunning ways. I was also impressed by the way the narrative was presented. The storytelling aspect, and the delivering of plot twists by different accounts of the events. It all sucked me in and made for […]

Nearly Employed Again

Update 9/16: After getting a number of clarifications and some more details on the offer, I was quite happy with it and accepted. I start on the 30th. A letter: We are delighted to offer you the full-time position… As you know, people are the key to our business, and we are very excited about […]

Photos and Politics

I’ve really been digging Flickr lately, and I’ve been posting more photos there than on my own site (I’ll catch up one of these days). To view my photostream, just head here. I really like these two utility fixtures I found recently. I’ll get a feed for my Flickr photos set up soon in one […]

Night of the Living Gila Monster

Woke up after the nice long weekend on Tuesday with a cold/flu thing, complete with sore throat and body aches. That didn’t stop me from hitting two more interviews this week and collecting 5 new business cards for my collection. But what I really wanted to write about is something really annoying about being sick. […]

Liz Oughta Know

We miss you already, Liz. It’s been great hanging out with you in the past two years, all the way from 1010 to the Summit, and never too far beyond. But before she left, Liz managed to Lynndie most of the gang. Last but definitely not least, there was the performance at the White Horse… […]

Job-related stats

Haven’t been updating too much because 1) we’ve been giving Liz a 3 week long going away party and 2) I’ve been working a part time temp job while interviewing non-stop for full time work. Here are some statistics to summarize the job crap in the past few weeks: Phone Interviews: 9 In-Person First Interviews: […]