Judging it like it is

Thanks to Andrew‘s recent birthday, he is now the proud owner of City of Heroes, a massively-multiplayer online game where you play as a superhero of your own creation. We’ve had a lot of fun with it in the past couple weeks, and tonight was no exception. We gave birth to the City of Heroes Costume Judge. Stay tuned for a gallery of some of our best, and worst judged costumes. Andrew gives some good background to what brought this character to life. Here’s the judge in action on one of his first victims… er… subjects (we gave him a 2):


After a minute or two, people quickly started lining up to have their costumes judged. A few highlights from the Judge’s first night…

After rating “Fire Dancer” a 6: “Thank you judge and I judge you to be sexy”

“Commando Elite judges Costume Judge’s sex life to be a 1″

Upon rating Energy Flame a 3, he fell to his knees saying, “All my hopes and dreams shattered! Damn you Costume Judge! Damn you!”

A while into the judging, The Crowd Pleaser showed up and started following the Judge around, giving everybody a 10. We gave The Crowd Pleaser an 8 for his costume.

Stay tuned to costumejudge.meatfreezer.com for more…

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