July 2004
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Month July 2004

Kerry, Danny, Lance-y

I’m not really one to get all excited over politics, but it was hard not to get fired up listening to Kerry’s speech last night at the DNC. He said everything that needed to be said, he pointed the right fingers in a tactful way and he pitched some detailed (as detailed as you can […]

Seattle to Portland 2004

Alex, Ken and I finished the 2004 STP in two days, spending about 7 1/2 hours on the bike each day. Our average speed was right around 14 mph for the two days, covering 206 miles from Capitol Hill to the start line at the UW and all the way to Portland. My pictures from […]

I like my…

Here we go again… I like my STP like I like my women… …a huge pain in the ass …a long hard ride …churning the chamois butt’r And how do you like yours?

Tour de Pain-in-my-ass, 2004

Tomorrow Alex, Ken and I set out to ride the 2004 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, and boy am I not really, kinda, sorta looking forward to it. The plan is to meet up with the insane, one-day rider, Sal Leg-strong himself on Sunday and collapse in a pile of lactic acid and mini-bar drinks […]


I finished a short video for this week’s Weekly DV theme, glass. You can watch it here (2:00, 10mb).

I meant resipiscence

resipiscence n. [L. resipiscentia, from resipiscere to recover one's senses: cf. F. r['e]sipiscence.] Wisdom derived from severe experience; hence, repentance. Baudrillard (or the translator) uses the word in his essay, “Thawing of the East.” The Google image search only yields one result, which leads to this article about a girl who misspelled it in the […]

In the String of Things

I think I missed a month or two of the search string roundup, so here’s the best of May and June… boobs – still a lot of variations biggest boobs ever unblocked – but this one cracked me up straight drunk swim cap blowjob co-worker blowjob stats – ahhh, here is where the blowjob hits […]

Street Art Romance