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Kerry, Danny, Lance-y

I’m not really one to get all excited over politics, but it was hard not to get fired up listening to Kerry’s speech last night at the DNC. He said everything that needed to be said, he pointed the right fingers in a tactful way and he pitched some detailed (as detailed as you can get in a 45 minute speech) plans for undoing the damage of the past four years. Right then I said, “So, how many advisors in Bush’s campaign are floundering to change his tactics now?” Then I wake up this morning to see Bush giving his speech in Missouri, unveiling his “new campaign message.” Cute.

Check out this hilarious short video, Danny Bot directed by a former classmate of mine, Frank Lesser (via Cup of Chicha)

The Tour de France has come and gone, and it was good. Although there was very little true excitement or threat to Lance this year, it was still awesome to watch and cheer. Maybe when he goes for 7 next year, someone will really step up and try to end his reign. And now that the Tour coverage has ended, OLN has returned to it’s regular crap… bull-riding, bass-fishing, and the World Paintball Championships!?

Seattle to Portland 2004

STP 2004

Alex, Ken and I finished the 2004 STP in two days, spending about 7 1/2 hours on the bike each day. Our average speed was right around 14 mph for the two days, covering 206 miles from Capitol Hill to the start line at the UW and all the way to Portland.

My pictures from the weekend

Alex’s pictures, including some great night and day-after photos are online here

All in all it was a great trip. I felt much more comfortable and confident riding than last year, and we finished in much better time. We met some great people along the way, including another fixed-gear rider, Maria. Oh and I did it all with a handlebar moustache.

Yellow Jersey (overall fastest): Maria
Green Jersey (top points): Ken
Polka-dot Jersey (king of the mountains): Alex
White Jersey (top rider 25 years and younger): Chase
Jaeger-colored Jersey: Sal

I meant resipiscence

n. [L. resipiscentia, from resipiscere to recover one’s senses: cf. F. r[‘e]sipiscence.] Wisdom derived from severe experience; hence, repentance.

Baudrillard (or the translator) uses the word in his essay, “Thawing of the East.”

The Google image search only yields one result, which leads to this article about a girl who misspelled it in the National Spelling Bee.

Then I got a Google server error:

Google Server Error

In the String of Things

I think I missed a month or two of the search string roundup, so here’s the best of May and June…

boobs – still a lot of variations
biggest boobs ever unblocked – but this one cracked me up
straight drunk
swim cap blowjob
co-worker blowjob stats – ahhh, here is where the blowjob hits are coming from
eskimos trampoline
guinness record for number of poops in a day – what the?
paris hilton new! the trust fund girl in home sex action!!! – yeah! with the exclamation marks!!!
poopy kids
photos of unsuccessful tongue piercings – like, tongues without holes in them?
symbolism of freckle under eye – you don’t want to know
hamsters with birthmarks in odd places – gasp! not a freckle under the eye, is it?