A panicked dream

I was driving back to my apartment building to pick up something (I think it was a jacket or a nicer pair of shoes) that I needed for an important meeting later. I was going to pop in for no more than 2 minutes to grab it and go, so I parked in the 5 minute load zone outside the building. I rushed up to my second floor aparment, only to find the door open and someone else moving boxes of stuff inside. I looked in and saw that the whole unit had been taken over by this guy. I was bewildered, but on his way back out, he explained. The apartment managers decided that the best way to accomodate a new, ailing tenant was to shuffle rooms around, placing my former neighbor in my unit. I was moved down to the first floor, to a unit right next to the garage, the managers and the street. The boxes of all my stuff had already been moved there, I just needed to grab the final few towels, blankets and rugs on my way down. The odd thing about this new apartment was that it came completely furnished. Completely furnished with the most garish mish-mash of gothic, renaissance, victorian and modern furniture and art, that rendered it appalling. I stared, slack-jawed at my new mess for entirely too long before realizing my car was waiting outside. I gave up on whatever it was I was supposed to grab, since it was still boxed, and I rushed outside. I saw a parking lot arrangement that looked not at all familiar. The place where my car was supposed to be, there was now a Volkswagen Rabbit. I also saw a tow truck loading up a white car, which I first thought was mine, but it wasn’t. I asked the drivers if my car had been taken and they said yes, it was gone. And because I was so late in getting back, it would be an extra $100 once I actually got to the impound lot. Lastly, because of all this mess, I had no way to get to my meeting.

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