June 2004
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Month June 2004

Photos galore

I decided to use the simple folderblog for a photolog/gallery solution. The gallery is now up here, and I will continue to update it with new and old photos of mine. It was fun going back and finding some of my favorite old photos to get things started. In my continuing obsession, I also added […]

Kid heads all over the place

I’ve spotted quite a few more of these kid heads around the city (mostly Capitol Hill). The only commonality in all of the locations is that they’re very hard to reach. Highway overpasses, thrown over power lines, top edges of buildings, and second story windows…


For this week’s WeeklyDV theme, “Fork,” I put together a silly little short, which you can find at the site… here.

Seattle Street Art Roundup

I added a new category for street art, since I’ve been taking more and more photos of the stuff I find around the city. Here’s the roundup of what I’ve seen in the past few months…

Sign #1

Cost: $3 Location: Half-block off Broadway, on Mercer $3 was my initial offer, expecting it to be the starting point for bargaining. Instead, I got a cheerful response of, “Sure, I can always make another!” I commented on the quality of the sign, because it isn’t your standard flimsy cardboard. Its a heavier, almost particle-board […]

This, that and the other thing

Spent a lot of time in the past few days working on Lopolis, adding some photos to the galleries, and adding a new series. Also finished a short video for the WeeklyDV theme this week, “one minute,” which you can find linked at Lopolis. Thanks again to Skyler for walking so slow, and getting most […]

A panicked dream

I was driving back to my apartment building to pick up something (I think it was a jacket or a nicer pair of shoes) that I needed for an important meeting later. I was going to pop in for no more than 2 minutes to grab it and go, so I parked in the 5 […]