Movabletype 3.0 Beta

*UPDATE* – Even after the upgrade, MovableType is still giving me the Internal Server Errors on new entries and when people try commenting. There are numerous cases of the same thing throughout the support forums and the consensus seems to be that MT is a big fat resource hog. Templates and archive pages start getting too big and most web servers don't allocate enough resources to handle MT's rebuild process on the massive files. People have been able to get around it by trimming down their templates, and turning such-and-such a feature off, but is that really a solution? SixApart better get their act together and work on this, if they're seriously considering a MovableType Pro. Or start using the slogan… “MovableType: The best weblogging tool for your first 200 entries on a small site” I think I might be heading to Textpattern soon.

I just upgraded to the Beta for Movabletype 3.0. Seems like everything is pretty much the same from what I've looked at so far, except they've updated the interface with snazzy CSS. Oh, and support for that whole TypeKey thing.

So now Six Apart has got MovableType, TypePad and TypeKey. What's next? Seems the pattern is a word combined with “type”, to make a clever name. A few suggestions…

* GenoType – DNA based comment authentication
* TypePography – Unlimited font choices for your weblog
* LegoType – Weblogs powered by little plastic blocks
* TypeWriter – The ultimate in personal publishing software

4 thoughts on “Movabletype 3.0 Beta

  1. lopolis

    Just checking out comments in the beta. For some reason all new comments are stuck as pending until I go and approve them, even though I have all settings saying allow comments without approval. Hmm…


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