Monthly Archives: May 2004

Messed up Movie Week

Sunday I rented Elephant and 21 Grams. Yes, I was in for a depressing couple days. Elephant was breathtaking and beautiful. I watched 21 Grams the day after, and despite having Academy Award-winning Sean Penn and Benecio del Toro going for it, I still felt a hundred times less invested in the characters as I did when watching the non-actor, improvising highschool kids of Elephant. The kids’ performances in Elephant were occasionally stilted and awkward but felt so much more genuine. The long takes in Elephant were gorgeous and it’s fractured narrative felt much less contrived than the way 21 Grams attempted it.

To follow up that light-hearted start to the week, I went and checked out the start of Matthew Barney’s The Cremaster Cycle with Cremaster 4 and then 1 (the theater is showing them in order of production over the course of the next few weeks). I think I got most of the symbolism. Some was rather obvious, some wasn’t. I think the moral of Cremaster 4 was not to drive too fast, otherwise your testicles will fall out of your pockets. And Cremaster 1 was, “There’s a half-naked lady under the tablecloth! Can’t you see it moving!” Oh, and blimps. I still can’t decide whether I’m dreading or looking forward to the rest of the series.

Lastly, there was Showgirls. Local celebrity and Stranger columnist, David Schmader, has been putting on showings of the movie for the past three years, where he provides his own hilarious commentary and insight into the subleties that are the fantastically horrible film (summary/writeup on his show here). Since this was the last time he’ll be doing a live performance for a while (MGM actually called him, asking to record an official commentary track for the upcoming special edition DVD of the film), I thought I ought to check it out. It really was a non-stop laugh out loud, incredibly enjoyable way to watch the movie. I would have to say that the funniest moments came from the excerpts that Schmader read from Paul Verhoeven’s book about the film. A lesbian kiss that transcends society’s notion of traditional gender roles, AND a Christian morality tale!? And boobs and fingernails and chips! This movie’s got it all.

Now with WordPress

In the eternal struggle which is weblog software, I’ve decided to move once again, this time to WordPress. I really liked what Textpattern was doing and what Dean wanted his tool to become, but it had it’s fair share of bugs and quirks. WordPress still has some of it’s own issues to work out (like how to get it to work correctly and completely for a weblog that’s outside of the WordPress install directory), but right now there’s much more of a community and an active developer group surrounding WordPress, so I feel comfortable going from here. At least for the next two years, or so. Let me know if you see anything funky going on around the site, and I’ll be sure to tell you to piss off… I mean, I’ll work on it. I’m also interested to hear your thoughts/exploits in the Type/Text/Word Wars on the web…

String-dong the Witch is Dead

I forgot to post my month-end list of search-string madness for April, so here's the quick rundown. This month's theme seems to be strange fetishes and obsessions…

* More than 300 Janet Jackson/boob related search string hits
* beard trimming pictures
* better boob inspection
* french sport that jump and climb around buildings
* girls who like to smell feet
* guinness record hairy pubic
* karate dominatrix
* ninja gaiden corridor of doom
* porker shirt
* recurring roller blading dreams
* rhinocerous penis
* shaven taco
* the snot stops here
* unshaven athletes
* whores kokomo

Movabletype 3.0 Beta

*UPDATE* – Even after the upgrade, MovableType is still giving me the Internal Server Errors on new entries and when people try commenting. There are numerous cases of the same thing throughout the support forums and the consensus seems to be that MT is a big fat resource hog. Templates and archive pages start getting too big and most web servers don't allocate enough resources to handle MT's rebuild process on the massive files. People have been able to get around it by trimming down their templates, and turning such-and-such a feature off, but is that really a solution? SixApart better get their act together and work on this, if they're seriously considering a MovableType Pro. Or start using the slogan… “MovableType: The best weblogging tool for your first 200 entries on a small site” I think I might be heading to Textpattern soon.

I just upgraded to the Beta for Movabletype 3.0. Seems like everything is pretty much the same from what I've looked at so far, except they've updated the interface with snazzy CSS. Oh, and support for that whole TypeKey thing.

So now Six Apart has got MovableType, TypePad and TypeKey. What's next? Seems the pattern is a word combined with “type”, to make a clever name. A few suggestions…

* GenoType – DNA based comment authentication
* TypePography – Unlimited font choices for your weblog
* LegoType – Weblogs powered by little plastic blocks
* TypeWriter – The ultimate in personal publishing software

Things I learned at my eye exam

* People tend not to blink as much when staring at a computer screen, thus your eyes get dry quicker
* Eyes can have freckles
* My left eye has a freckle
* My left eye has a small scar on the back right side
* Eye drops to dilate pupils sting a lot
* Always take the sunglasses offerred when you leave the eye doctor with dilated pupils
* You look like a cross between an anime character, someone on an acid trip, and a psycho when your pupils are dilated
* There are tiny glands (not tear ducts) on the eyelids that release oils to keep the eye and eyelids moist
* My eye-oil glands are a little dry and blocked
* Staring into a device where you can see a magnified reflection of your own eye is creepy

America’s Next Top Model Parking Lot

Last week The Stranger published this feature by David Schmader and Kelly O, and it was my priveledge to edit their video footage into a 10 minute tribute to the cult classic, Heavy Metal Parking Lot. To check out the video, either head to the article and download the trimmed down, lower-quality version, or make good use of your broadband and get the longer, higher quality version here: America's Next Top Model Parking Lot (40mb, Quicktime)

Waxy gave the story a link on his link blog. I'm sure the Stranger's web host is loving all these links to a 20+ mb video file.