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Month May 2004

Fixtures and Bike locks

I worked a bit on my main Lopolis page today, adding links to two photo projects I’ve been working on… Utility Fixtures and Abandoned Bike Locks. There’s something that fascinates me about each of the subjects, so I’ll definitely be adding more as I come across them.

Messed up Movie Week

Sunday I rented Elephant and 21 Grams. Yes, I was in for a depressing couple days. Elephant was breathtaking and beautiful. I watched 21 Grams the day after, and despite having Academy Award-winning Sean Penn and Benecio del Toro going for it, I still felt a hundred times less invested in the characters as I […]

Now with WordPress

In the eternal struggle which is weblog software, I’ve decided to move once again, this time to WordPress. I really liked what Textpattern was doing and what Dean wanted his tool to become, but it had it’s fair share of bugs and quirks. WordPress still has some of it’s own issues to work out (like […]

Hotrod and Beer

Aren’t They Cute?

String-dong the Witch is Dead

I forgot to post my month-end list of search-string madness for April, so here's the quick rundown. This month's theme seems to be strange fetishes and obsessions… * More than 300 Janet Jackson/boob related search string hits * beard trimming pictures * better boob inspection * french sport that jump and climb around buildings * […]

That’s One Big Gisele

You know you've got great friends when you come home to an 8' x 6' picture of Gisele Bundchen on your wall. Thank you, Rasterbator.

Movabletype 3.0 Beta

*UPDATE* – Even after the upgrade, MovableType is still giving me the Internal Server Errors on new entries and when people try commenting. There are numerous cases of the same thing throughout the support forums and the consensus seems to be that MT is a big fat resource hog. Templates and archive pages start getting […]


Things I learned at my eye exam

* People tend not to blink as much when staring at a computer screen, thus your eyes get dry quicker * Eyes can have freckles * My left eye has a freckle * My left eye has a small scar on the back right side * Eye drops to dilate pupils sting a lot * […]

America’s Next Top Model Parking Lot

Last week The Stranger published this feature by David Schmader and Kelly O, and it was my priveledge to edit their video footage into a 10 minute tribute to the cult classic, Heavy Metal Parking Lot. To check out the video, either head to the article and download the trimmed down, lower-quality version, or make […]

Birthday girl and Goodbye Ten10