Cordoba and Granada

The last two cities in my whirlwind tour of Spain were Cordoba and Granada. We stopped in Cordoba for just an afternoon and one night. Just enough to get a quick feel of the city. It had a lot of the similar sights as the other cities, and a spectacular Cathedral interior, but as a whole we weren't all that impressed, having just come from Sevilla. Take a look at the photos.

Granada was the last stop, and we got there by mid-morning to make it in time for our Alhambra ticket entrance time. The Nasrid Palaces inside the Alhambra grounds only allow a certain number of visitors per day and limit visiting time. We had gotten tickets in advance, but it still took us forever to figure out the intricacies of the entrance time system. After the Alhambra we settled into our hostel, where the owner delivered tea to us almost every time we stopped in. Granada was set in the hills, just a short distance from the Sierra Nevada mountains, which made for a very different feel compared to Sevilla and Cordoba. We enjoyed wandering around the city, up the winding streets, finding hidden cafes and restaurants. Granada also has a large Muslim presence, so there were a ton of Arab craft stores and tea houses throughout the city. I loved the feel of the whole city and the when it comes to Spanish cities I could see myself living in, Granada and Barcelona are probably a tie. Take a look at the photos.


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