After three nights in Barcelona, we took a short flight down to Sevilla, in Southern Spain. We were in Sevilla during Semana Santa (Holy Week), when the city is host to dozens of religious processions leading up to Easter. These consisted of long lines of purple, white or black-hooded people processing through the narrow, cobblestone streets, leading elaborate floats of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. My sister and I caught processions of 3 different Jesuses and 3 Virgins. Since Semana Santa is such a big holiday week in Spain, many native Spaniards had the week off and were visiting Sevilla for the processions. In the early evenings, the tapas bars were always full of Spanish men in their church suits, drinking, eating and… drinking.

Sevilla as a whole, had less of an international city feel, and more of an old, authentic (albeit a bit touristy) Spanish feel, and it had some stunning sights. Take a look at the photos.


2 thoughts on “Sevilla

  1. the urban matador

    it’s so funny to look at your photos of a place i visited so recently… many of our photos are taken from more or less the same place, or are of more or less the same subject, but they are not necessarily similar photos.



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