New Lopolis

Last night I got a new design up for It's just the barebones skeleton right now, but it's the direction I want to go for my main site. Simple, focussed on creative work, and very easy to update. I'm planning on adding a few subtle graphic touches, and reviving a semi-daily log of still image work, ala which is long since dead, and never really achieved what I was aiming at. The “very easy to update” bit will come with some relatively simple PHP work down the road, so as to avoid relying on the messiness of Movabletype and the hacks required to get updates working the way I want. Right now it's only achieved “easy to update”. The focus now is on more content and creative work. Time to start cranking out some videos.

2 thoughts on “New Lopolis

  1. lopolis

    Whoops, breaks in Windows IE. Forgot to check that one. But I suppose if you’re still using Windows IE to surf the web, you deserve to look at broken sites! Hah!


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