Street Art in Spain

I took more than 300 photos while I was in Spain, so I'll be posting a lot as I get done sorting them.

First up is the collection of photos of street art that I took. Almost every free wall or alley-way in Barcelona had some sort of tag, grafitti, stencil, poster, or elaborate mural covering it. I could have taken more than 300 photos of street art alone. There must not be nearly the penalties for grafitti there that there are here, and there are also signs up in certain areas saying something along the lines of “Grafitti OK area”, where a lot of the more elaborate work showed up. Sevilla and Cordoba were much cleaner, and had less of a raw urban feel in areas, so there was very little street art. Granada had a good mix of urban and old-city feel, plus a ton of alleys winding through the hills, so there was more art that showed up there. The last 6 photos are all from Granada. Take a look at the art.


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