For the month of March I got more than 300 hits from search strings related to Janet Jackson's boob. I think last month's janet jackson's boob round-up helped a lot. Looking at all of the different ways that people search for this one thing makes for an interesting search engine usability study. Maybe I'll compile the master list next month.

Some of the more amusing non-Janet boob related strings:

* dan savage shaved pubic
* chamois on a stick
* penis cheese
* big tit swimteam
* breathing underwater hamsters
* cadaver or blades or spastic or mediterraneanizations or dream
* do hamsters have dreams
* fat alcoholic grandpa photos
* how much art can you take
* old poopy cars
* panama whores
* swim cap tits
* trees with branches
* world record giant crab picture

And yes, I got one search string from someone searching for “excavator bucket”, which you could probably guess from the second comment on this page.

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