April 2004
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Month April 2004

Missing Memories, Found on Camera

Apparently I took this photo at the BBQ last week. That is a can of compressed air. I don't think I was holding the can.

New Street Art Mystery

A while back I posted a couple entries wondering about this painted girl that I'd been seeing around, and it turns out it's not a girl afterall. Two weeks ago, the Stranger had this cover image where I immediately recognized the style of the kids. It's a local artist Parskid (the big headed kid) who […]

Long Weekend, Little Done

This kinda fell apart on me for a number of reasons. Oh well. At least I got the hang of my camera and my malfunctioning video editing programs a bit. The other participants came up with some great stuff. I pretty much gave in to frustration and tiredness, and wished I spent more time outside […]

Cordoba and Granada

The last two cities in my whirlwind tour of Spain were Cordoba and Granada. We stopped in Cordoba for just an afternoon and one night. Just enough to get a quick feel of the city. It had a lot of the similar sights as the other cities, and a spectacular Cathedral interior, but as a […]

24 Hour Video

Andy is attempting the 24 hour comic starting tomorrow at noon, and I will be doing a 24 hour video. No, not a video that is 24 hours long. We decided that at least 12 minutes long is a good length. All of the writing, shooting, editing and any post-production will all be done within […]


After three nights in Barcelona, we took a short flight down to Sevilla, in Southern Spain. We were in Sevilla during Semana Santa (Holy Week), when the city is host to dozens of religious processions leading up to Easter. These consisted of long lines of purple, white or black-hooded people processing through the narrow, cobblestone […]

New Lopolis

Last night I got a new design up for www.lopolis.com. It's just the barebones skeleton right now, but it's the direction I want to go for my main site. Simple, focussed on creative work, and very easy to update. I'm planning on adding a few subtle graphic touches, and reviving a semi-daily log of still […]

TV Turnoff Week

*UPDATE* Most of the arguments against TV Turnoff Week are covered in this article, In Defense of Television. Yeah, some good points and they do make sense. If I were a loyal watcher of a few good TV programs then maybe I'd feel justified in skipping TV Turnoff Week. Instead of watching a few shows […]

Page 23, 5th Sentence

bq. The man drinks the wine down to his middle finger, and his face looks puffy with dark chin stubble. Diary, Chuck Palahniuk Directions: 1. Grab the nearest book. 2. Open the book to page 23. 3. Find the fifth sentence. 4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions. […]


My itinerary map was off by a little bit, so here's the quick order of the trip before I barrage you with pictures. Arrived in Barcelona on Sunday the 4th, spent 3 nights there. Flew to Sevilla, where we spent 3 nights. Train to Cordoba for one night. Bus to Granada for 2 nights, and […]

Street Art in Spain

I took more than 300 photos while I was in Spain, so I'll be posting a lot as I get done sorting them. First up is the collection of photos of street art that I took. Almost every free wall or alley-way in Barcelona had some sort of tag, grafitti, stencil, poster, or elaborate mural […]

Home at last

Was up at 6AM Spain time (which is 9 hours ahead of Seattle) yesterday, Wednesday. Flew from Barcelona to Madrid. Flight from Madrid to NY had technical problems, did a u-turn back to Madrid. We didn't get a second plane until 4 hours later, rendering my connecting flight in NY completely missed. Got a new […]

Un viaje para dos

Yo salgo a Espana manana, pero no es un viaje romantico, porque es con mi hermana. Debajo es una carta de Espana y las destinacciones para mi viaje. Big orange are my flights there and back. Green lines are train rides (although, we may be flying from Barcelona to Sevilla, I'm not sure). Blue dotted […]


For the month of March I got more than 300 hits from search strings related to Janet Jackson's boob. I think last month's janet jackson's boob round-up helped a lot. Looking at all of the different ways that people search for this one thing makes for an interesting search engine usability study. Maybe I'll compile […]