Painted girl sightings

A few more sightings of the painted girl that I spotted on a neighborhood dumpster the other day…

LEFT: Barrier on an overpass. RIGHT: Shot of the sign across the street.

Painted-over wall near work. This is why she seemed so familiar. Before she was painted over, I'd see her clearly every day on my walk to work.

4 thoughts on “Painted girl sightings

  1. Andrew Davis

    There was a yellow dribble painted one on the sidewalk in front of a bench near the Five Point Cafe.

    And the mystery is still there. As you put it “Who is she?”. And why exactly do you think its a girl?

  2. lopolis

    It looks like there could be a pony tail on the back of the head, and the squiggly lips look a bit feminine. That’s my only reasoning for calling he/she/it a girl.

  3. alex

    to me it was definitely a girl at first glance. it’s less obviously a girl in the overpass picture, but something about the facial structure in the first one you posted. maybe the softness of the jaw and the hair? dunno…


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