Daily Archives: March 3, 2004

Lots of boobs and a penis

First off… Best. Comment spam. Ever.

Next, February gave us this fun line-up of search strings…

admiral chase – No, no… AdmiralChase
bleep bleep nextel off – Done.
blowjob unblocked – Try getting to know her first
club.lopolis.com – Soon to be home of the wildest dance parties
elephant trainer ass – Yes I’ve seen the video where the trainer gets his head stuck in the elephant’s ass. No it isn’t anywhere on my site.
holy hits – Float like an ascending Jesus, sting like a crown of thorns
how to blow up a snow tube – Fertilizer bombs are easiest to make and pack the most punch
how to find out someones penis size – First get a ruler. All measurements should be done in units of– oh my… that’s HUGE
oneself – What are the existential implications of somebody searching for oneself on the internet?
porker biking – New sport for you Alex
shave neck hair front – Careful of the Adam’s apple
thugolopolis.com – Nothing there… yet.
who is chris taylor – Who are you?
why do i have a hairy birthmark – Because your genes hate you

And of course because I wrote this entry after the Superbowl, I ended up getting a whole ton of “Janet Jackson boob” related hits (not to mention some amusing overreactions to my post). Continue to read the full list, complete with number of hits per search string. Let’s beat this dead horse into an unrecognizeable bloody pulp…
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