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Boxing with Ali

Two nights ago I dreamt Muhammad Ali was my personal boxing trainer. It's pretty easy to figure out where this dream stemmed from. A few weeks ago, on a recommendation from my coworker who takes boxing classes regularly, I decided to try an intro boxing class with Alex (who has decided to stick with it). Taking the class, seeing the posters of famous boxers in the gym, and the new round of TV commercials featuring Ali, had prompted me to rent the Academy Award winning documentary, “When We Were Kings” about Ali's famous “Rumble in the Jungle”. It all added up to the dream where Ali himself was sparring with me, timing my jump-roping, holding the pads… And then somehow the dream transitioned into Scottish sword lessons, where I was wearing a kilt, holding a basket-hilt sword and learning from a man with the thickest Scottish accent I'd ever heard. Wish I could tell you where that part of the dream came from.

Last night I dreamt of a room full of Tetris-shape boxes, that I was carefully fitting together, one at a time. I'm guessing that came from all the CSS and HTML I've been staring at lately, working to redesign sections of my site and a couple work sites. Stay tuned.

Seen on a screen

Some quick thoughts on recent movies I've seen…

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Incredible. Gondry and Kaufman have created one of the most original storytelling experiences I've seen on film in a long time (or maybe I just watch too much crap).

School of Rock: Non-stop fun and hilarity. Jack Black is a true comic genius.

The Triplets of Belleville: Very French (in a good way). Refreshing to see some creative traditional animation after all this fancy-shmancy stuff Pixar's been doing.

Destino (the Dali/Disney short animated film): Very surreal and pretty to look at. About what I expected. The mix of animation styles didn't quite work on the whole.

Starsky and Hutch: Wait for DVD. It had a few laugh-out-loud moments, and we can't stop using the catch-phrase, “Do it” (in the Ben Stiller voice), but aside from that, the standard funny-men, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn were decidedly unfunny.

Next up on my list of I-don't-have-a-huge-desire-to-pay-$9-to-see-it-but- I-probably-will-anyway are those two movies about dead people that are all the rage at the box office. Something about a bunch of dead people that come to life, only to be killed again by living people… and the other one about a living guy who is put to death, only to come back to life to die again.

I'm working on drafting up a script for a movie with a mind-blowing new take on dead people and dying. It's called “Death” and involves one continuous 2 1/2 hour shot of dead people. The twist… they stay dead.

Superbad Things

I've really been liking lately. Instead of (or in addition to) repeatedly checking the various meme blogs, this provides a nice one-stop spot for a variety of good links in a single daily post.

Also, Coudal Partners just linked to Superbad, which I remember seeing about 5 years ago for the first time. It's a sort of non-sensical, ever-expanding design/art project. Looks like there's a bunch of new “content” since I last surfed around. Worth a look.

Lastly, Dooce's recent post, A Labor Story, is wonderfully hilarious, brilliantly written, and nearly brought me to tears.

Marriage and Ninjas

The bicycle cops were out in force this morning as gay couples in Seattle started congregating on Braodway for the Monday Marriage March. The Stranger has been grilling the city and county pretty hard on the issue. It's pretty exciting hanging out on the media front line of such an important battle. Go Marriage Marchers!

In other, less ground-breaking news, I picked up a copy of Ninja Gaiden for Xbox last week and have been hooked all weekend. Penny Arcade does a good job of conveying the difficulty of the game. I'm sure my housemates were sick of hearing my screams from the couch, “This is fucking impossible!” Only to be followed a half-hour later by, “Woo-hoo! I fuckin' did it! Take that, bee-yatch!!” My final triumph before bed last night was the aptly-named, Corridor of Doom, which was remarkably difficult after 8 beers.

Lots of boobs and a penis

First off… Best. Comment spam. Ever.

Next, February gave us this fun line-up of search strings…

admiral chase – No, no… AdmiralChase
bleep bleep nextel off – Done.
blowjob unblocked – Try getting to know her first – Soon to be home of the wildest dance parties
elephant trainer ass – Yes I’ve seen the video where the trainer gets his head stuck in the elephant’s ass. No it isn’t anywhere on my site.
holy hits – Float like an ascending Jesus, sting like a crown of thorns
how to blow up a snow tube – Fertilizer bombs are easiest to make and pack the most punch
how to find out someones penis size – First get a ruler. All measurements should be done in units of– oh my… that’s HUGE
oneself – What are the existential implications of somebody searching for oneself on the internet?
porker biking – New sport for you Alex
shave neck hair front – Careful of the Adam’s apple – Nothing there… yet.
who is chris taylor – Who are you?
why do i have a hairy birthmark – Because your genes hate you

And of course because I wrote this entry after the Superbowl, I ended up getting a whole ton of “Janet Jackson boob” related hits (not to mention some amusing overreactions to my post). Continue to read the full list, complete with number of hits per search string. Let’s beat this dead horse into an unrecognizeable bloody pulp…
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2004 Chilly Hilly

A decent article on the 2004 Chilly Hilly in the Seattle Times here: Cycle season wheels in at Chilly Hilly.

Alex, Ken, Sal, Adam and I all finished the not-so-chilly, but definitely hilly 33 mile ride on Sunday.

LEFT: Ken and Sal. Hard to spot in the crowd of flourescent cyclists. RIGHT: Still waking up on the ferry.

LEFT: At the first rest stop, Sal looking like (as he's fond of saying) “a special kind of somethin'” RIGHT: We were all pretty tired after the steep hill leading up to the halfway point.”

The rides from left to right: My mighty steed, Alex's road warrior, and Ken's POS (really just the front wheel, which barely got him to the finish)

LEFT: The view looking back across the water from one of the last hills before the finish. RIGHT: Filling the ferry for the ride back.

Some stats from the day:

* Somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 cyclists
* 39 miles total for the day, including the ride to and from the ferry
* A total of about 2 hours 45 minutes for the 33 miles on Bainbridge Island
* Average speed of 12.5 miles per hour
* Maximum speed I hit was 39.5 miles per hour coming down the other side of Baker Hill (if it weren't for that mountain bike in front of me, I would have hit 40 before tapping the brakes)
* Total bowls of chili consumed at the half-way stop and the finish line: 0
* 1 bowl of delicious lentil soup consumed at the half-way rest stop