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Month March 2004

Boxing with Ali

Two nights ago I dreamt Muhammad Ali was my personal boxing trainer. It's pretty easy to figure out where this dream stemmed from. A few weeks ago, on a recommendation from my coworker who takes boxing classes regularly, I decided to try an intro boxing class with Alex (who has decided to stick with it). […]

Excavator bucket

Seen on a screen

Some quick thoughts on recent movies I've seen… Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Incredible. Gondry and Kaufman have created one of the most original storytelling experiences I've seen on film in a long time (or maybe I just watch too much crap). School of Rock: Non-stop fun and hilarity. Jack Black is a true […]

Gas Works Park

Quite a surreal setting.

Superbad Things

I've really been liking lately. Instead of (or in addition to) repeatedly checking the various meme blogs, this provides a nice one-stop spot for a variety of good links in a single daily post. Also, Coudal Partners just linked to Superbad, which I remember seeing about 5 years ago for the first time. It's […]


Painted girl sightings

A few more sightings of the painted girl that I spotted on a neighborhood dumpster the other day… LEFT: Barrier on an overpass. RIGHT: Shot of the sign across the street. Painted-over wall near work. This is why she seemed so familiar. Before she was painted over, I'd see her clearly every day on my […]

Marriage and Ninjas

The bicycle cops were out in force this morning as gay couples in Seattle started congregating on Braodway for the Monday Marriage March. The Stranger has been grilling the city and county pretty hard on the issue. It's pretty exciting hanging out on the media front line of such an important battle. Go Marriage Marchers! […]

Who is she?

Lots of boobs and a penis

First off… Best. Comment spam. Ever. Next, February gave us this fun line-up of search strings… admiral chase – No, no… Admiral… Chase bleep bleep nextel off – Done. blowjob unblocked – Try getting to know her first – Soon to be home of the wildest dance parties elephant trainer ass – Yes I’ve […]

2004 Chilly Hilly

A decent article on the 2004 Chilly Hilly in the Seattle Times here: Cycle season wheels in at Chilly Hilly. Alex, Ken, Sal, Adam and I all finished the not-so-chilly, but definitely hilly 33 mile ride on Sunday. LEFT: Ken and Sal. Hard to spot in the crowd of flourescent cyclists. RIGHT: Still waking up […]