Pet Peeves… Literally

Some peeves I have about people and their pets (don't get me wrong, I love pets, both cats and dogs, but there are a few things that really bug me)…

* Pugs in clothes: You've seen them, the little raincoats and sweaters and t-shirts. They look ridiculous on any dog, but pugs in particular look utterly step-on-able.

* People who walk their cats: Face it, you can't have an outdoor cat in the city. Put one of those harness leashes on a cat and you end up dragging the hissing, clawing beast around the block… Walk the cat without a leash and you look like an idiot with hands full of bells, feathers, and cat toys as you're calling your cat's name to get it to come back.

* Retractable leashes: These are the leashes that have the spring-loaded spool to automatically retract or extend, depending on how far away the dog walks, which is actually a pretty good idea. Well, these leashes also have a button which STOPS THEM FROM EXTENDING. Learn to use this button! Walking your dog doesn't need to be like throwing around a 30 ft. long yo-yo of death. Except if you're talking on your cell phone at the same time, then I completely forgive you for tripping everyone on the entire sidewalk.

* Chihuahuas: Enough said.

* Street kids with pets: We know you're not homeless, because you're only on the street when the weather's nice. Having a cute dog by your side isn't going to get you any of my sympathy but I do feel bad for the dog stuck with your sorry panhandling ass, eating nothing but the grease off your Jack-in-the-Box wrappers. Leave it at home.

One thought on “Pet Peeves… Literally

  1. Karen


    i had a cat that i used to walk on a leash.

    a retractable leash.

    but in my defense, he had feline HIV and couldn’t get near other cats and we felt bad that he used to be an outdoor cat now sentenced to a lifetime of indoors, hence the retractable leash.

    i also DESPISE street kids with pets.

    the end.


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