Where the heck did that weekend go?

Friday night started off with the work crowd at the VIP room of the Bad Juju Lounge, for a send-off party for a (now former) coworker. Apparently the “VIP” in “VIP room” means flat screen TVs and a fish tank. After that was a stop at the grocery store to stock up on beer supplies for the house-warming party that Jed and I threw at our new place. From what little I remember, and what people have told me, it was crazy. Jed posted the only picture that ended up on my camera from that night, right here.

Saturday disappeared in a blur of sleep, hangover, ride to the airport to send Andy on his way back East, and then off to the hockey game. Jed did the work of posting the best of the pictures I took, here. Good times were had by all, except maybe the Thunderbirds, who lost. And their goalie, who not only had to deal with the loss, but got the living shit knocked out of him in an ugly, ugly hit.

Sunday disappeared with a 48 mile round-trip bike ride with Alex and Sal, out to the Redhook Brewery and back. It was in the mid-60's all day, all of the mountains were out, and surprisingly, after not having ridden much in the past few months, I thoroughly enjoyed the long ride.

Oh, and Sunday night, someone was stabbed in front of the apartment complex right next to ours. It made for a nice show of flashing lights from our porch. At one point I counted, 3 police cars, 2 ambulances, one firetruck (!?), and what our neighbors referred to as “the drunk van”. Seem like overkill for a stabbing? Well, apparently the suspect fled the scene, and they were hunting him down. What's a neighborhood without armed men on the loose?

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