February 2004
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Month February 2004

Pet Peeves… Literally

Some peeves I have about people and their pets (don't get me wrong, I love pets, both cats and dogs, but there are a few things that really bug me)… * Pugs in clothes: You've seen them, the little raincoats and sweaters and t-shirts. They look ridiculous on any dog, but pugs in particular look […]

Al and Mrs. Poopy-snot

Riding the school bus was always an adventure. A dream I had last night triggered some reminiscing about the grade-school bus drivers I had, and some of the more memorable moments in the days of Al and Mrs. Poopy-snot…

Where the heck did that weekend go?

Friday night started off with the work crowd at the VIP room of the Bad Juju Lounge, for a send-off party for a (now former) coworker. Apparently the “VIP” in “VIP room” means flat screen TVs and a fish tank. After that was a stop at the grocery store to stock up on beer supplies […]

Remebering dreams gets easier and easier…

Once you get in the habit of it, I've found it gets easier and easier to remember dreams, especially when you keep up the habit of writing them down. So, you're going to have to deal with yet another odd dream recollection… Hamsters. I dreamt I got a couple hamsters. They were living in a […]

Birds need coffee too and Happy 200

This bird was hopping around on the second floor of the coffee shop during lunch, eating crumbs here and there. I opened the window in hopes that it would find the way out, and it almost immediately hopped closer, then up to the window sill and out onto the branch outside. It paused for a […]

Dreamt in pieces

Walking into a gigantic warehouse of beige PCs to find one part to fix a friend's computer… Competing in a sports event involving skiing, roller-blading and juggling… Will Smith and an Indian girlfriend of his, asking me to join them in a threesome… Seeing hundreds of multi-colored Apples to Apples cards swirling about, taunting me […]

Cats can play all the time

C: “What's the saying, 'When the mice are away, the cats will play?'” J: “No, C. Cats can play all the time.” Hammer and the Doc have been much like cats in this respect. Lots of playing, sleeping, drinking and farting. I thoroughly enjoyed the same all weekend. I open my apartment door when I […]

Livin’ near the Triple Bizzle-vizzle

**UPDATE: The Doc and the Hammer made it to Seattle! They showed up at 4:30AM, exhausted but alive and well. We spent until 6AM unpacking the essentials, then promptly crashed. Pictures from their trip should be up soon. This sign is now just a stone's throw away. Moved into the new place on Saturday, and […]


January's search string All-Star lineup: * neck-hair hairy * actual picture of pubic crabs * cool things to say while drunk * eskimos kissing picture * home strippers kokomo in * i like my coffee like i like my women with large breasts * intelligent collections of abstract thought patterns * intestine drunk * like […]

Janet Jackson’s Boob

We were all wondering whether we really saw it. On checking the tape (yes, I was taping it all)… Yup, Janet Jackson's boob. Photo of the moment is online here, and the Yahoo news photo here (extreme closeup here?). Still photos certainly don't capture the accompanying jiggle. Was it intentional? Most sources say yes. Ken […]