Dreaming a Sci-fi epic

Last night I had a very long, involved dream, which I remembered most of when I awoke. I didn't get a chance to write it down until now, just before I'm going to bed again. I know if I don't start writing now, I'll end up dreaming again tonight, then not get around to writing down either dream tomorrow, or the next day, until the diluted mess of dreams slowly escapes me by the end of the week. Brace yourself, this is going to be long. If you have the patience to venture on, it all began one night when most of the population of my home town all disappeared…

One night, most of the town simply disappeared from their homes, jobs, or school. After a few moments of a bright white mist, we appeared on a completely different world. Every one of us had been given knowledge of the world, the inhabitants and our respective jobs and we began living our lives there. We weren't in shackles, nor were we brainwashed. We were separated enough so that we had little contact with each other, and in order to survive in this new world individually, we accepted it and took part in it.

The planet was primarily water, with a few islands completely covered in cities and developments. The other inhabitants of the planet looked exactly like humans in every way, except that every single one of them had the same silvery-white hair. They were exceptionally well organized and efficient and the engineering of their world was amazing. There were no flaws in the architecture, the scheduling of events, or their technology. For these reasons, the humans that had been brought there, couldn't possibly keep up with the intelligence or skills necessary for higher level jobs, so we were relegated to more janitorial and service jobs. In this sense, we were a sort of slave, simply because we couldn't achieve any higher. They kept the women in the more central areas of the city, while the men worked jobs in the outer area.

Every once in a while, I would see a friend from my town, or someone I recognized, and we would exchange friendly glances, full of memories. During the lunch hours it was more common to see other people from my town, since they tended to eat in the same cafeterias. A few times we would pass close enough to whisper a word or two, and this is how I learned of some mystery going on in the inner circles of the city. There was a reason they needed humans on their planet. A reason they took us, and kept us here.

One day while eating in the cafeteria, I heard a loud crash and saw a girl I knew, come running out of a kitchen, screaming. A couple of the silver-haired inhabitants stood up from their tables and restrained the girl. She was breathing heavily and half-sighed, half-shouted, “I don't want to keep thinking for you. I don't want to see things anymore.” The silver-haired men dragged her away, back down the kitchen hallway, and towards the center of the city. There was not even a murmur throughout the cafeteria, as the silver-haired people went back to their meals.

After finishing my meal, as I was following the crowd out of the cafeteria, I saw a friend of mine also moving in the same direction, and we moved closer to each other. He whispered to me, “That's why they need us here. We think. We can imagine for them. But there's something else that–” At that moment the flow of silver-haired people shifted and we shuffled off on our separate ways.

This was enough of a clue. The silver-haired people were incredibly logical and efficient, but there was something about the subconscious that humans posessed, which they needed to survive. But what was the “something else” that my friend tried to whisper? A few weeks passed, and I only heard occasional rumors from passing friends that more girls and women were shouting or acting strangely, and they were being taken back towards the center of the city.

One afternoon, I was lucky enough to be assigned to a job sweeping the outer walkways of the city. I say I was lucky, because I was assigned to a group with 3 of my close friends. We all spread out along the walkway, which overlooked the vast ocean, and we began the task of sweeping, cleaning, and polishing the floors and the railings. Quite a lot of the silver-haired folk travelled on this walkway, so it seemed futile to try cleaning it as it was being used, but we diligently went about our work. Then way off in the distance came a loud boom. The noise didn't stop, and in fact, it grew louder and louder, like a rumbling of thunder magnified tenfold. The silver-haired folk all ran straight for the nearest entrance ways into the solid, protected city corridors.

My friends and I stood and looked out at the sea, where the sound had originated. At last, we saw it, a giant tidal wave that was rumbling straight toward the island city. We stared in awe as it grew closer. A sudden panic set in and we turned towards the internal city doors, but they had all been closed and sealed. The silver-haired people knew of this natural disaster and they were prepared. Their city would widthstand the wave. My friends and I stood, still staring, and just as the wave began hitting the outer walls of the city, it began to split at the crest. The wave split and split again, the smaller waves died down and crashed harmlessly on the outside of the city. The largest mass of the wave continued to buckle on itself until it was gone. The rough surf splashed over the edge of the walls here and there, but quickly returned to normal.

The four of us looked at each other in disbelief. How did the wave stop? It was too large to have been broken by the walls. Our astonished looks slowly turned to puzzlement. Could we have had anything to do with that? Is it possible that we stopped it? But how? I asked, “What were you guys thinking as the wave approached us?”

The first answered, “I just thought that I didn't really want to die.”
The second, “I was thinking I didn't want to get wet.”
And the third, “I just exhaled and thought it'd be nice if I could blow the wave away.”

I told them I had been thinking similar thoughts of stopping the wave and not wanting it to hit. Had we discovered an ability within ourselves?

The city doors began to open one by one, and the silver-haired citizens emerged, staring at us, as if they were seeing ghosts. They didn't believe that were were still standing, and that the wave hadn't carried us off. They quickly forgot about it, sent us home for the day, and went back to their daily routine.

Over the course of the next few days, these few friends and I tried to experiment. Independently we all went home and tried basic telekinesis. Moving a pen on a desk without touching it, bending a fork, or turning on the light switch from a distance. None of us had any luck, until one day I tripped. I was falling face first towards the floor, and stopped myself a foot off the ground. I stayed there for a moment and once I felt myself being pulled down again, I put my hand and foot down and gently landed in a crouch. I tried to figure out what was similar about this occurence and the wave, and how this was different from the pens and forks and light switches. I tried the fall again, in a more controlled way, and again I was able to stop myself. I tossed a book up in the air and was able to suspend it a few feet off the ground. I started throwing more and more things around my small housing unit, and I got the hang of stopping things. That was the trick. We couldn't give an object motion, we could only stop it.

I got word of this to my friends, and they confirmed the same ability within themselves. Word spread like wildfire amongst the rest of the men, and they quickly got the hang of it. Along the same timeline as discovering our power, the frequency of outbreaks in the cafeteria increased. More and more girls were shouting strange statements at the silver-hairs. Some were running from their jobs, seeking solace with each other. There were small groups of outcast girls starting to band together, refusing to go back to work.

It was the last day of the month, and I was sitting in the large city cafeteria, when I was approached by a small girl I recognized from my home town. She had whitish blonde hair, and was no more than four and a half feet tall. She spoke quickly, “Because I'm so small and my hair color almost matches theirs, they let me work closest to the center of the city. I know what they need from us. The silver-hairs use us. They take more and more people from our planet every year. They need us here, thinking and dreaming for them. It runs the city. The power of our human thoughts. They've found a way to get even more power from us, without keeping us alive. Very soon, they're going to take us all. Today we're going to stop them. The women are coming. The men are here.” And with that, the girl rushed towards the door of the cafeteria.

I started looking around, and I noticed, that indeed the men were here. My friends, and all of the other faces I recognize from my home town. They were scattered throughout the the cafeteria, the largest and busiest place in the entire city. The little girl reached the cafeteria door just as it opened, and she joined the group of girls entering. At the same time, one of the kitchen doors swung open and another group of former friends entered the cafeteria. Silver-haired guards started streaming into the cafeteria, and at that moment all of the men stood up from where they were sitting. There were even more than I thought. In all we were maybe a few-hundred strong, including the groups of women, facing a cafeteria of a couple thousand. As the women began spreading out from the doorway, they started giving orders, reacting to movements that the guards hadn't even made yet. It was at this moment all of the men realized the power the women had discovered within themselves. They had foresight. They could see minutes, hours or just seconds into the future, and could sense every action in the room before it happened. Someone who knows each and every move of the enemy, makes for an excellent leader. Similarly, someone who can stop any bullet or fist moving towards them, makes for an excellent soldier. And like that, we turned into a perfectly choreographed army. The silver-hairs showed fear for the first time. Their planet gave us power they could never have conceived. We took the cafeteria, and we began moving toward the city center.

To be continued?

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