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Jed and Andy are on the road (as far as I know). Best of luck to 'em. Since they're busy putting miles on the car and ticking off states that they've visited, I thought this would be relevant… Create your own visited states map… Does driving straight through a state without actually getting out, count […]

I am now that guy

You know the guy. That one sitting in the coffee shop on his lunch break with a copy of the giant 1000-page Infinite Jest open in front of him. Yup, that's now me. So far I find it rather boring and irritatingly written (which is particularly funny considering I just finished and enjoyed Mezzanine by […]

Feigning illness for morning gameshows

Everybody at one time or another pretended to be sick in order to stay home from school, or gave it their best try. My mother had a pretty good policy to thwart these mock-sickness attempts, and it simply consisted of taking our temperature. If after 5 minutes of awkward under-the-tongue placement, the thermometer didn't show […]

The Great Renaming or Not

*Update: A number of people have mentioned that they like Collections (not to mention my cousin, who will cry if I change it), and none of the potential new name ideas really jumped out at me. I'll hold off on any renaming for now. For quite a while I've had the thought of renaming this […]

But I didn’t inhale

Last night I took up smoking, I smoked my first cigarette, decided it was my last cigarette, and quit. According to the smokers and ex-smokers at the table, I didn't so much smoke the cigarette as I just manhandled it and looked dumb. Alex also pointed out that seeing a non-smoker try to smoke really […]

Dreaming a Sci-fi epic

Last night I had a very long, involved dream, which I remembered most of when I awoke. I didn't get a chance to write it down until now, just before I'm going to bed again. I know if I don't start writing now, I'll end up dreaming again tonight, then not get around to writing […]

From 1980

“If you want better media, go make it.” – The Rozz-Tox Manifesto, Gary Panter, 1980

Unshaven animation!

At the end of the Unshaven Challenge I threw together a GIF animation of my picture archive from the duration of the challenge. Take a look at not-shaving in motion. I've since trimmed my cheeks a bit and got it cleaned up to a goatee (which is pretty much all I could grow in the […]

A year-ish in Search Strings

I nearly forgot about my monthly wrap-up of the best search strings. So not only will I give you the best of December '03, but I will then give you some of the best search strings from all of '03 (since July, because that's when I started recording them all). December '03 brought us, well, […]

Playing in the Snow

Even though Seattleites for the most part don't know how to handle snow, they sure know how to have a good time with it. Plenty of people with days off turned the closed streets (and some open ones) into sledding hills. Since nothing was ever really plowed, the streets worked great. People were creating makeshift […]

Walking in a Winter Chaos-land

After a week in New England with temperatures around 50, and a lot of rain, I wasn't really looking forward to going back to the same weather in Seattle, but lo and behold… we've got a genuine New England winter in Seattle! There are about 2 inches of snow on the ground and it's still […]

Celebrating the Holidays

These past two weeks were a blast. Even though northwest CT is quiet and sometimes a little dull, I had a great time relaxing, partying with friends and playing a crapload of poker. And now to share the pictures I've got from the past couple weeks. For some reason, my camera didn't number them all […]