Daily Archives: December 8, 2003

Dream snippets

Last week I dreamt I visited King House back in Providence. I opened the front door and stepped in and as soon as I was inside, I was hit by a half-dozen different swinging pillows and pillowcases. What a greeting. Sometimes I miss that place.

The other night I dreamt of a place that was very similar to the world in Spirited Away (which I watched for the first time two weeks ago). The difference was that in this world many of the creatures were robots or automatons. The master of this world had nearly completed work on a robot that was advanced enough to use magic.

Yesterday, I woke up remembering a small scene from my dream. It was Thanksgiving and we had all eaten and I was helping a friend carve the leftover turkey. We found the wishbone and pulled it out, only to realize it was no ordinary wishbone. It looked like a thick ancient fossil and had some extra bony protuberances coming off the top. It seemed our Thanksgiving turkey was no turkey at all.

Last night I dreamt something about an indoor soccer game in the backyard of my parent's house. Yes, indoor soccer outdoors. The scenery kept morphing between grass and trees and astroturf and bleachers.