Holy hits on a stick!

A few odd ones, but really nothing that exciting this time around. I did set up a new category just for my monthly search string summaries. Here's this month's round-up of search strings bringing random folk here:

  • where’s siberia
  • male gaze
  • which ice cream melts faster
  • alaskan whores
  • a licky boom boom
  • chamois butt’r
  • dan savage paris hilton tape
  • dorothy gets fucked wizard
  • giant kitty
  • i can shake it like a polaroid picture
  • irony pabst blue ribbon sometimes want to drink
  • karate fuck girl
  • monkey blimp
  • pictures of pubic crabs
  • pirates carribean blowjob
  • smell my feet
  • wesley clark shirtless
  • whores attack

And the “How” section:

  • how do eskimos survive in the antarctica
  • how do i play pool better
  • how do you draw elephants
  • how to unblock myself on aim
  • how to draw elephant characters
  • how to have shaggy haircuts indie style
  • how to look like an indie kid
  • how to spot a indie kid

2 thoughts on “Holy hits on a stick!

  1. The Admiral

    i typed this into google, desperatley hoping it would bring me to your site, giving you a very strange search string… but alas, it did not work:

    “how do i smell my feet while looking at pictures of pubic crabs and getting a carribean blowjob”


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