December 2003
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Month December 2003

Home for the holidays

Visiting home is… * …finding out which friends are engaged, married, and/or pregnant * …driving 15 minutes to get to the nearest friend's house * …discovering the back roads that now have yellow lines painted on them * …discovering the back roads that still haven't been paved in 10 years * …throwing the tennis ball […]

I missed my (family) dog

Year in mini-review

Here's my contribution to the Mayfly Project (via A summary of the year 2003, in twenty words or less: first seattle winter. sister graduated. hiking, biking, climbing, drinking. lost a grandfather. ready for change. beard. hogger? second seattle winter.

The web needed more middlemen

I've gone and joined the side-bloggin' meme-spreading hordes. I'll resist the urge to ramble on about blog theory and the different opinions of what a blog should be. (I'm saving that for a different project.) So yeah, links and crap to your left, archive here and the source of most links is probably one of […]

Best Christmas Card Ever

I got a couple Christmas cards in the mail the other day, and one of them I just had to share. My mother's yearly handmade card was beautiful as always, but it was the card from Greg Machlin that had me in hysterics. (Unless you've seen Don Hertzfeldt's brilliant short, Rejected, you won't get the […]

Holiday Party 2003

What a party. It started off with a bit too much of a mellow cocktail party atmosphere, but if you know anything about the folk I work with, that disappeared rather quickly. Someone had the bright idea to do some keg stands, and it was all downhill from there. Take a look at the pictures […]

Skiing, Pirates and a Gym Teacher

Last week: I dreamt about going skiing early in the season. The hill had a few patches of snow, and only one good trail that was fully covered all the way down the mountain. I tried asking people which trail was the good one, but they just told me to find it on my own. […]

Not for the easily offended

For some reason this article about “hogging” has become a strange, perverted in-joke amongst my group of friends here (before you call us complete misogynists, let me state that one of said friends is a girl and has contributed to the joke-making wholeheartedly). In the past week we've come up with some awful(ly funny) T-shirt […]

Punk Rock Xmas ’03

Last Friday night was the second annual Punk Rock Xmas, a house party hosted by a couple notoriously crazy folk from work. Starting early at the bar, we had a hefty head start by the time we made it to the party. We also brought along Ken and Jason from the pub, making it a […]

New competitor

I didn't even know he was part of the Unshaven Challenge but he sure did pretty well. I think he may have had a head start, but I don't know. Well, thanks to Andrew Davis we found two other competitors that can keep the competition alive.

Comment spam to ponder

This latest batch of comment spams is pretty amusing. I noticed 5 different comments from some peculiar-looking names. Sure enough, they were links to penis-enlargement sites, but the names and comments used were quite entertaining, so I thought I'd share. The names were obviously random first and last names, some of which were: Schiffmann Rob […]

The Many Faces of Chase

With the Unshaven Challenge well underway, I thought I'd take this moment to look back on some of the more exciting moments in my follicular history. LEFT: December 2003. Where I currently am, having not shaved for 15 days. RIGHT: August 2002. That was about a month and a half of growth, shaved down to […]

Dream snippets

Last week I dreamt I visited King House back in Providence. I opened the front door and stepped in and as soon as I was inside, I was hit by a half-dozen different swinging pillows and pillowcases. What a greeting. Sometimes I miss that place. The other night I dreamt of a place that was […]

The Let’s Pretend to be Simple Life

“Generic? What does that mean?” And so many other gems. Yeah, it's fun to laugh and snicker at their moments (lives?) of ignorance. The long scenes of nervous tension with the family are amazing. But what really bothers me is that not once are these two actually living “the simple life”. So far they're seeing […]

Using the Web for a Good Cause or Two or Three

Feels good to be doing my job with Dan Savage’s Spreading Santorum, The Stranger‘s Second Annual Strangercrombie Holiday Charity Gift Catalog and The Portland Mercury‘s Online Charity Gift Auction.