More movie geekin’

Hellboy trailer (now in beautiful quicktime) is out. Looks like it's gonna be a fun ride but the atmosphere and lighting doesn't look quite as Mignola as I'd hoped.

Check out the trailer for Errol Morris' next documentary, The Fog of War.

The early clip of Will Ferrell's next, Anchorman, is hilarious.

Watched The Ring and found it to be a moderately creepy horror movie. A few too many scary cliches and one extra twist at the end that I could have done without. As soon as I finished the movie, my phone rang out loud. What makes this twice as creepy, is that at the time, my phone was set to silent mode. This sent a shiver down my spine.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie was a good action-packed anime. Now I definitely need to go back through some of the episodes of the show, that I have somewhere.

Not really movie-related, but worth mentioning is that there's a new Philip Pullman book set in the His Dark Materials universe.

One thought on “More movie geekin’

  1. redbeard

    I totally what to be a prof in Lyra’s Oxford, if only for the after-dinner hanging out with Tokaji. Mmmmmmmmm…….tokaji…..I think they need a marine ecologist over there…


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