Doing my part in the crusade

A few months ago, the now infamous Senator Rick Santorum (scroll to the bottom for new details) was given fame in a new light by Dan Savage. Savage's newest goal is to get his definition of santorum as the top result on Google (it's currently 5th) instead of the Senator's actual site. For those of you who missed some of Santorum's original remarks, this article should do a good job of offending you. Thus ends my Google-bombing post to bring the new Santorum, and that frothy mixture to the top. Would you consider this political activism or just a good old fashioned smear campaign (no pun intended)? Is there really much difference anymore?

In other Stranger news… Check out Bradley Steinbacher's brilliant film review of Paris Hilton Sex Tape (the sleeper hit that took the internet box office by storm!)

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