Weekend consumption

This past weekend I consumed a ridiculous amount of media and entertainment and thoroughly enjoyed it. My right knee hasn't been quite right for a week, so I wasn't able to get out and do anything too active, and I couldn't join Alex on his regular Sunday ride to the Red Hook Brewery. But it was all good in the end since I needed a weekend to relax and veg. And now for my full thoughts on everything that kept me entertained…


I guess it all began on Friday with the Paris Hilton Sex Tape. A copy was sent in to Dan Savage, and it became the tech department's duty to provide the PC with the right codec to view it. Word got around and we soon had group after group of people coming to watch. I can't remember exactly how many times we showed it. I lost count around 12.

Later that night I saw IQU (pronounced “eee-koo”) at Chop Suey, where they put on a great show and definitely outdid the DJ set by one of the members of Pepe Deluxe, which followed. I really like Pepe's stuff, but I'd prefer seeing it performed, rather than spun.


Star Wars: Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network is pretty damn cool. I wasn't so sure at first, but I checked out the first 6 mini-episodes (you can watch 'em at the site) and was thoroughly impressed. It comes from the director/producer of Samurai Jack, Genndy Tartakovsky. The look is somewhat similar, and the action plays like something out of Aeon Flux. Forget George Lucas, can we just see Episode III like this?

Then of course I watched some more Samurai Jack episodes I had. I can't even begin to express how much I love that show.

Master & Commander was impressive. Probably the best movie I've seen this year, and with another viewing or two, it might go down as one of my all time favorites. Amazing acting all around (yes, Russell Crowe actually acts in this historical epic). Even the younger kids were great. Excellent movie all around. And for the curious people out there, Andy answers the question of which Russell Crowe is the toughest.

Rented Finding Nemo that evening and marvelled at Pixar's brilliance once again. The making-of featurette was especially great this time around, seeing how they tackled animating the fish, coloring the settings, etc… Some of the test footage was stunning.


Picked up previously viewed copies of Bowling for Columbine and Matrix Reloaded for cheap and watched a bunch of special features. Reloaded was a let-down as a whole, but I am a kung-fu, action and special effects geek, and the behind the scenes stuff was decent.

Rented Naqoyqatsi, the third film in the Qatsi trilogy, and boy did it suck. I enjoyed the first two, and I'm a huge fan of Baraka, but Naqoyqatsi just didn't cut it. As much as they touted the revolutionary visual effects and the cutting-edge techniques used to composite and layer the footage, it looked like a bad 80's music video. 1's and 0's spinning and spiraling across the screen? A baby floating through space? Amazing! We've never seen that shit before! Two brief segments I did like were the slow-motion athletes and the famous painting morph/montage, but these totalled about 3 minutes out of 90. Not nearly enough to save it. Next time, turn off the solarize filter and try something original.

Borrowed Alex's DVDs of the 2003 Tour de France and watched all 4 hours of the thrills and spills. It was great to see it again in a more substantial form than the brief highlights and recaps we got last summer.

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