No visible changes here, but I've made a few improvements. I cleaned up some of the templates, and also wrote a PHP/MySQL backend to handle the Minuiae & Miscellany, so it's now much easier to update. I've got a little admin page where I can add things, and the recent ones are dynamically yanked into this page, while all of them are displayed in the archive. As with all (only 3) of my little PHP/MySQL projects lately, I ran into some frustrating roadblocks and ended up settling on doing things in a slightly less elegant way. Next in the PHP lineup is an exercise log, more for personal use, along the lines of Alex's cycle log, and then a simple list-management doohickey to bring my always-out-of-date movie list back under control. Lists are fun.

One thought on “Semi-productive

  1. The Admiral

    if you take the H out of PHP, it says PP.

    heh, pp…

    ps lists ARE fun… and so are logs. i’m also very impressed that you remembered that many movies (because i don’t think you started that list upon watching your first movie. i mean, c’mon, you remembered splatter farm for crap sakes- that’s pretty damn impressive)


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