Here Giant Kitty Kitty

Yesterday I read about Savannah cats (via Cup of Chicha), a new breed of cat essentially combining the smallest of wild predatory cats with the largest of house cats. The result is a pretty damn big pet. After seeing this, I was mostly just frightened and started wondering how many injuries (and possible small-child fatalities?) will result from this bad idea.

This morning I caught a glimpse of a cat walking outside and had a flashback to my dream last night. I dreamt I had a Savannah cat of my own. For a pet cat it was certainly enormous. Standing on all fours, it's head reached up to my hip (roughly 3 feet high). Unlike my thoughts yesterday, in my dream the cat was incredibly friendly, intelligent and obedient, much like a dog. It was a little large for my apartment, but since it behaved perfectly, that wasn't a problem. I remember having a visitor or two and the cat acted a lot like an energetic dog at first, but quickly calmed down. At one point I became somewhat lucid and thought I'd start testing the abilities of my cat and the limits of my dream. I started giving it commands to stand on it's hind legs, walk around the room, hit the light switch, do some cartwheels, and just when I was going to have it wash the dishes, I woke up.

7 thoughts on “Here Giant Kitty Kitty

  1. K

    So so so wrong to breed house cats with wild cats…..soon, the Savannah will need to be returned to the wild after going Sigfried on some little kid.

  2. The Admiral

    actually, he’d go all ‘roy’ on some little kid. if he went ‘siegfried’ he’d just be standing there watching

    because roy got attacked

    not siegfried


    am i gay for knowing that.

  3. April

    You are an idiot. What about the pit bull (dogs)
    they are more dangerous than a savannah..
    No one bitches about them killing kids, i would rather walk up on a savanh than a pit-bull…..
    get a grip cat basher!

  4. lopolis

    Easy there psycho cat-lover. Did I say that all dogs are wonderful and only cats are evil? Nope, my post was only about cats. I don’t think I mentioned dogs once, thus you are jumping to many many conclusions. I agree there are some breeds of dog (namely chihuahuas) that are far more vicious and dangerous to humans than a cat could ever be. I fear to think what would have happened to Roy if this had attacked him:

  5. genhie

    You are an idiot I own 3 chihuahua’s and they love everybody, don’t tremble or bark all the time. They play with my cats, chickens, and my wolves. It is all in how an animal is raised and socialized. Maybe you need some training in socialization.

  6. rj

    after hurricane rita we were left with an odd kitty cared for by our lab. we brouhgt him inside. at first he had stripes and cloudy eyes. now 4 yrs later he is solid white,one blue eye one green eye and weighs 35pounds. solid muscle loves the water and can bring down the 8o pound lab. he is as good as a watch dog. but what is he? he is as long as a yard stick when he lays down.


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