Two new comment spams!

Two exciting new comment spams in the past two days! I left them up for your viewing pleasure. You can find the comment left by “lolita” on my drawing elephants page.

The next one is impressive. It's at the bottom of the comments here and it reads like a Kevin Nielen subliminal newscast. Andy suggested searching for the original text and found the orign to be this LiveJournal page (do a search for “had a real block” to get you to the right spot). I went and searched for “had a real block” in quotes on Google and came up with a bunch of other weblogs that have got the same comment spam, but with different keywords. I got the pharmaceutical version of the spam, whereas others have got jewelry, home electronics and travel spam. The keywords were also all in html, in an attempt to have the hyper-links show up in the comment, but I've got html turned off in my comments, unlike some of the other weblogs.

One thought on “Two new comment spams!

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