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Unshaven Challenge

UPDATE: The Official Rules have been clarified. Thankfully neck-hair trimming is allowed. My picture page is underway, but the Admiral is totally kicking my ass with what looks like a full beard already. My stubble and I will have to redouble our efforts.

The Admiral didn't really challenge me specifically, but I decided to join him in the Unshaven Challenge. He's starting from a recently shaved head and face (Sunday) and my last shave was Monday. I haven't had a haircut in months already, so I'm just going to let that keep going. I don't know what the specific rules are, but I'm assuming it involves no hair-trimming whatsoever. No trimming of neck/cheek/sideburn hair? I hate the lower-jaw, neck hair the most. I don't think we really need to worry about details too much, especially if the rules are essentially, “Don't shave.” I still don't know if this is just friendly fun or a competitive challenge. Considering the efforts in the Admiral's last challenge, I know he puts up a hell of a fight. At the very least, it will be a highly amusing reunion when I see the Admiral, in person, shortly after Christmas. Lastly, I will be keeping my running daily picture archive here (maybe I'll come up with a creative daily side-bar thumbnail at some point, because I don't think I'll post every single one in a new post on my front page. hmm… a new category just for the challenge might work. we'll see). I'll try to keep the pictures as similar as possible and I'll keep them all on one page for amazing time-lapse scrolling action in the future.


Dreaming of far away

The past couple nights I've had some long, involved dreams about old places and friends and other memories. Last night I kept remembering bits and pieces of my trip to Petra, Jordan and thinking back on it now, it seems like even more of a figment of my imagination. As if my memories of the place weren't fantastical and dreamlike enough, they're now clouded and confused even more by this dream. I hardly feel like I was there at all. I'm looking back through the pictures from the trip, in order to remind me what was really there. Do you ever wake from a dream and find your memories altered in some inexplicable way?

More movie geekin’

Hellboy trailer (now in beautiful quicktime) is out. Looks like it's gonna be a fun ride but the atmosphere and lighting doesn't look quite as Mignola as I'd hoped.

Check out the trailer for Errol Morris' next documentary, The Fog of War.

The early clip of Will Ferrell's next, Anchorman, is hilarious.

Watched The Ring and found it to be a moderately creepy horror movie. A few too many scary cliches and one extra twist at the end that I could have done without. As soon as I finished the movie, my phone rang out loud. What makes this twice as creepy, is that at the time, my phone was set to silent mode. This sent a shiver down my spine.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie was a good action-packed anime. Now I definitely need to go back through some of the episodes of the show, that I have somewhere.

Not really movie-related, but worth mentioning is that there's a new Philip Pullman book set in the His Dark Materials universe.

Doing my part in the crusade

A few months ago, the now infamous Senator Rick Santorum (scroll to the bottom for new details) was given fame in a new light by Dan Savage. Savage's newest goal is to get his definition of santorum as the top result on Google (it's currently 5th) instead of the Senator's actual site. For those of you who missed some of Santorum's original remarks, this article should do a good job of offending you. Thus ends my Google-bombing post to bring the new Santorum, and that frothy mixture to the top. Would you consider this political activism or just a good old fashioned smear campaign (no pun intended)? Is there really much difference anymore?

In other Stranger news… Check out Bradley Steinbacher's brilliant film review of Paris Hilton Sex Tape (the sleeper hit that took the internet box office by storm!)

Weekend consumption

This past weekend I consumed a ridiculous amount of media and entertainment and thoroughly enjoyed it. My right knee hasn't been quite right for a week, so I wasn't able to get out and do anything too active, and I couldn't join Alex on his regular Sunday ride to the Red Hook Brewery. But it was all good in the end since I needed a weekend to relax and veg. And now for my full thoughts on everything that kept me entertained…
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No visible changes here, but I've made a few improvements. I cleaned up some of the templates, and also wrote a PHP/MySQL backend to handle the Minuiae & Miscellany, so it's now much easier to update. I've got a little admin page where I can add things, and the recent ones are dynamically yanked into this page, while all of them are displayed in the archive. As with all (only 3) of my little PHP/MySQL projects lately, I ran into some frustrating roadblocks and ended up settling on doing things in a slightly less elegant way. Next in the PHP lineup is an exercise log, more for personal use, along the lines of Alex's cycle log, and then a simple list-management doohickey to bring my always-out-of-date movie list back under control. Lists are fun.

Beer? I hardly know her!

Last night I dreamt I went to a bar back on the East Coast and ordered a Rainier beer. (Yes, it is odd that an East Coast bar had this on tap. My dreams are obviously not too concerned about details.) The bartender poured a pint, put it down in front of me and said, “That'll be $8.75.” What?!? Bottles at my local bar are $1.75 and pints elsewhere are usually $2 or $3. I made a fuss about the price being ridiculous, but I ended up paying. I was ripped off in my own dream.

Here Giant Kitty Kitty

Yesterday I read about Savannah cats (via Cup of Chicha), a new breed of cat essentially combining the smallest of wild predatory cats with the largest of house cats. The result is a pretty damn big pet. After seeing this, I was mostly just frightened and started wondering how many injuries (and possible small-child fatalities?) will result from this bad idea.

This morning I caught a glimpse of a cat walking outside and had a flashback to my dream last night. I dreamt I had a Savannah cat of my own. For a pet cat it was certainly enormous. Standing on all fours, it's head reached up to my hip (roughly 3 feet high). Unlike my thoughts yesterday, in my dream the cat was incredibly friendly, intelligent and obedient, much like a dog. It was a little large for my apartment, but since it behaved perfectly, that wasn't a problem. I remember having a visitor or two and the cat acted a lot like an energetic dog at first, but quickly calmed down. At one point I became somewhat lucid and thought I'd start testing the abilities of my cat and the limits of my dream. I started giving it commands to stand on it's hind legs, walk around the room, hit the light switch, do some cartwheels, and just when I was going to have it wash the dishes, I woke up.

Some Rain in Spain Falls on My Sister’s Head

Yesterday I got a postcard from my sister who is spending a year in Barcelona doing research. The postcard was of this house (more pictures here), which she says she walks by every day to get to the metro.

She's been having a blast, has got a Spanish boyfriend, has joined a rugby team (which practices at 9PM at night), and occasionally spends a night out to the disco till 7AM.

Two new comment spams!

Two exciting new comment spams in the past two days! I left them up for your viewing pleasure. You can find the comment left by “lolita” on my drawing elephants page.

The next one is impressive. It's at the bottom of the comments here and it reads like a Kevin Nielen subliminal newscast. Andy suggested searching for the original text and found the orign to be this LiveJournal page (do a search for “had a real block” to get you to the right spot). I went and searched for “had a real block” in quotes on Google and came up with a bunch of other weblogs that have got the same comment spam, but with different keywords. I got the pharmaceutical version of the spam, whereas others have got jewelry, home electronics and travel spam. The keywords were also all in html, in an attempt to have the hyper-links show up in the comment, but I've got html turned off in my comments, unlike some of the other weblogs.

String cheese

My words continue to suck helpless Google searchers into the mess that is this site. Here are some of October's victims:

* el duce (a whopping 7 hits for this one. I'm sure everyone was disappointed when they realized it was a page about a former coworker who called himself that, and not the Italian dictator)
* pixelated face (I think I'm going to start using this phrase as a new insult)
* lopolis (I think it's cool that someone searched for this non-word. or maybe it was just me playing around on google one day)
* bicycle alarms (might be a tad overkill)
* british dinner party
* crappy action hero
* everyone wants to be recognized
* elephant poops on trainer (what, no “tiger chomps on trainer”?)
* hipster grandpa
* how to look like a (I got three of these, hipster, trucker, indie kid)
* ideas for screennames (I've gotten a lot of variations on this one. It boggles my mind. If you can't think of an original screenname, most places recommend one!! Also, if anything actually turns up in your internet search there's an even better chance that it's already taken.)
* jackass dominatrix
* pictures of hairy birthmarks
* robots that were good but went bad in movies
* shpadoinkle origin (Cannibal: The Musical)
* subverting the gaze (more here)
* trucker hat glasses pabst blue ribbon hoodie (hahaha… you're trying too hard there buddy)

And then we get dirty:

* nerd fucking (is this another horrible hobby like hogging?)
* maximum/girls
* hot wife collections
* dorothy fucked oz (boy did she ever!)
* bar whores .com (who wants to start it with me? maybe a Drunk of the Week type deal)
* and your ass face (yeah, and that too)
* preteen penis (I've got your preteen penis right here)
* absurd fucking
* unblock sex fuck picture movies (sometimes if you flip the channels back and forth really fast, you can make out the picture through the scrambling)