November 2003
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Month November 2003

Unshaven Challenge

UPDATE: The Official Rules have been clarified. Thankfully neck-hair trimming is allowed. My picture page is underway, but the Admiral is totally kicking my ass with what looks like a full beard already. My stubble and I will have to redouble our efforts. The Admiral didn't really challenge me specifically, but I decided to join […]

Dreaming of far away

The past couple nights I've had some long, involved dreams about old places and friends and other memories. Last night I kept remembering bits and pieces of my trip to Petra, Jordan and thinking back on it now, it seems like even more of a figment of my imagination. As if my memories of the […]

More movie geekin’

Hellboy trailer (now in beautiful quicktime) is out. Looks like it's gonna be a fun ride but the atmosphere and lighting doesn't look quite as Mignola as I'd hoped. Check out the trailer for Errol Morris' next documentary, The Fog of War. The early clip of Will Ferrell's next, Anchorman, is hilarious. Watched The Ring […]

Doing my part in the crusade

A few months ago, the now infamous Senator Rick Santorum was given fame in a new light by Dan Savage. Savage’s newest goal is to get his definition of santorum as the top result on Google. Do your part in the campaign!

I like my…

Haven't played this game in a while. How about: I like my pool games like I like my women… * …slow and sloppy * …with a tight rack * …on a crooked table And your women/men/pool games?

Weekend consumption

This past weekend I consumed a ridiculous amount of media and entertainment and thoroughly enjoyed it. My right knee hasn't been quite right for a week, so I wasn't able to get out and do anything too active, and I couldn't join Alex on his regular Sunday ride to the Red Hook Brewery. But it […]


No visible changes here, but I've made a few improvements. I cleaned up some of the templates, and also wrote a PHP/MySQL backend to handle the Minuiae & Miscellany, so it's now much easier to update. I've got a little admin page where I can add things, and the recent ones are dynamically yanked into […]

Beer? I hardly know her!

Last night I dreamt I went to a bar back on the East Coast and ordered a Rainier beer. (Yes, it is odd that an East Coast bar had this on tap. My dreams are obviously not too concerned about details.) The bartender poured a pint, put it down in front of me and said, […]

Here Giant Kitty Kitty

Yesterday I read about Savannah cats (via Cup of Chicha), a new breed of cat essentially combining the smallest of wild predatory cats with the largest of house cats. The result is a pretty damn big pet. After seeing this, I was mostly just frightened and started wondering how many injuries (and possible small-child fatalities?) […]

Don’t Want Your Politics in My Caddy…

Take a look at Wesley Clark's TV spot. Looks like Clark is trying to catch up to Dean on playing the “hip” angle. According to ABC News, when asked if Clark was really an Outkast fan, he replied, “I can shake it like a Polaroid picture.”

Some Rain in Spain Falls on My Sister’s Head

Yesterday I got a postcard from my sister who is spending a year in Barcelona doing research. The postcard was of this house (more pictures here), which she says she walks by every day to get to the metro. She's been having a blast, has got a Spanish boyfriend, has joined a rugby team (which […]

Two new comment spams!

Two exciting new comment spams in the past two days! I left them up for your viewing pleasure. You can find the comment left by “lolita” on my drawing elephants page. The next one is impressive. It's at the bottom of the comments here and it reads like a Kevin Nielen subliminal newscast. Andy suggested […]

Monkeyhaus Halloween Party ’03

As with all parties at the Monkeyhaus, this year's Halloween party was a lot of fun, and with some great costumes. I went as a fairly unoriginal cowboy-hipster and it was only after I was there that I realized I looked exactly like him. Check out the Halloween pictures here. By far the scariest costume […]

String cheese

My words continue to suck helpless Google searchers into the mess that is this site. Here are some of October's victims: * el duce (a whopping 7 hits for this one. I'm sure everyone was disappointed when they realized it was a page about a former coworker who called himself that, and not the Italian […]