Mis-matching memories

I've been living in Seattle now for just over a year, and in the past few weeks especially, I've started having strange deja-vu about streets, people, and places from Providence. Three times in the past week I've wanted to refer to the location of something as, “just down at the end of the street where it hits Wickendon.” There is no Wickendon St. here.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that Alex and I were riding STP again. The differences this time were that Mim was riding with us, and the course was twice as long.

Last night I dreamt I was starting to work here again, just outside Providence. I moved into my cubicle and started organizing things, when all of the important people in the company got together and had a big meeting around me, trying to decide exactly what my job was and which department I was working for. Thankfully the lunch bell rang (no, we didn't really have lunch bells there, but we did in my dream) and we all rushed off. The Admiral went out with me for lunch. We found my car in the parking lot, under 3 feet of snow, even though it was sunny and in the 80's that day. We drove up the hill (it all began resembling Seattle now) and accidentally drove into a large tent where the University of Washington marching band was practicing. We left. Found a quick bite to eat and headed back. When I got back to my desk, I gathered up my things, walked over to my manager and quit.

8 thoughts on “Mis-matching memories

  1. The Admiral

    wow that’s very strange. but here’s the REAL question…

    when we went to lunch, was your sandwhich on bread…or toast?

  2. lopolis


    It was less a coherent practicing, and more a lot of the band members warming up individually, playing their own fragments of things here and there. So all together it sounded like good ‘ol band noise.

    Also, I forgot to mention… On the way back from lunch, The Admiral offered to drive in his brand new forest-green Hummer. It looked pretty awful.

  3. The Admiral

    at least the hummer wasn’t bright pink with hearts all over it.

    …hmm, note to self…get pink paint for my car


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