Still searching

Some people still haven't found what they're looking for. Especially, those “eskimos in antarctica”.

46 total hits related to “elephant drawings” or “drawing elephants“. I really should set up a page that is the definitive internet resource on elephant drawing. Apparently there are people out there that demand it. There are also people that demand Nude Max Payne.

The month of September also yielded:

* le parkour deaths
* obey giant hoodie
* unblocked sexy pictures
* stp tacks
* bicycle hemmoroids
* guinness world record blowjob
* hipsters trust fund
* i want to see girl kissing girl
* marshmellow shoes
* love my alcoholic rage
* passivism
* pierced my ears wife
* pussy collections

4 thoughts on “Still searching

  1. Andrew Davis

    Suprisingly the “guinness world record blowjob” is pretty hard to find. Sexual Records doesn’t seem to track that statistic. Although you could infer from the longest sustained erection (3 weeks) and Mae West claiming she made love for 15 hours, that it could probably be pretty darn long.

    Especially if the guy is Mo Ka Wang, who lifted 250 lbs two feet off the ground with his stimulated penis.

    Just in case you wanted to know.

  2. jed

    Holy crap! Max Payne has an enourmous penis!

    I mean uh…average…

    yeah, it’s about average.

    maybe even a little below average..

    yeah, that’s it…

  3. lopolis

    I think this post will go down in history as the penis post. I’m guessing I’ll get some even stranger search strings as a result.

    And now to add some random words to make things even more interesting: rhinocerous, peanut butter, armadillo, Luxembourg, acorn, peacock.


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