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Month October 2003

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet

Happy Halloween! And now some scary Halloween lessons: Lesson 1: Don't expose yourself to Catholic schoolgirls Lesson 2: Don't stick your arm in train toilets (via Gizmodo) Lesson 3: Watch where you step in Iraq (via Metafilter Lesson 4: Buy a Mac Lesson 5: Always wear sunscreen

Mis-matching memories

I've been living in Seattle now for just over a year, and in the past few weeks especially, I've started having strange deja-vu about streets, people, and places from Providence. Three times in the past week I've wanted to refer to the location of something as, “just down at the end of the street where […]

A licky Boom Boom song

As requested the other day at the end of this post, I give you The Admiral's rendition of Snow, Informer (1.4mb mp3).

Cycling then drunk then cycling

Good luck to Alex as he sets out on the Ride for the Roses in Austin. Glad to hear he's sticking with the established monathletic rules of a two-drink minimum before participating. Yesterday was an exciting day on the Burke-Gilman. In my haze returning late last night, I wrote a short comment about it on […]

Thoughts we thunk while drunk

(the below snippets were remembered after a night of drinking and are entirely out of context) S: “Has Jeb Bush stuck his tube in that girl's mouth yet?” Feeding tube resources. Most common are G-tubes which enter straight into the stomach. There are also J-tubes which feed into the jejunum at the top of the […]

Plant-astic videos

These videos of time lapse footage of plant growth and movement are amazing and creepy and cool. My favorite is the Morning Glory twining under Nastic Movements. (link via boingboing)

Some recent questions answered

Bicycles are incredibly efficient and in car terms are the equivalent of a 900 mile per gallon vehicle. These statistics do a nice job of illustrating many more bike/car comparisons around the world. Many people know that seppuku or hari-kiri is the ritualistic act of suicide amongst Japanese samurai. Yeah, it has a few different […]

Curse Schmurse

When it comes to both the Cubs and the Sox now, it's sad to say, but they can't be blaming anyone but themselves. Sucks to say it, but yeah, they had their (multiple) chances and couldn't capitalize (this year). You put on a great show boys, and it was an amazing week of baseball. If […]

Cycle Messenger Worlds Video Teaser

Finally did a little something with the 3 1/2 hours of video footage I have from Cycle Messenger Worlds. I spent 2 hours, half-marvelling, half-grumbling over iMovie's simplicity, tossed some pieces together over the theme from the Kill Bill trailer and I give you a teaser: Take a look (7.5mb Quicktime).

Weblog spamming is cute

About six months ago a friend predicted that weblog comment spamming would be the next big thing, and here it has arrived. I've now gotten a total of 3 spammed comments on my site. One for a penis enlargement product (of course, they're always the ones leading the spam evolution), one for zip code maps […]

Local late-night craziness

Three nights ago I went down to my local bar only to find that the entire intersection is swarming with people. Apparently a small gallery space was having it's opening across the street and it managed to attract all of the hipsters in town. Much of this crowd spilled over into the bar across the […]

Dreaming Nostalgia and Summer Camp

For the past 4 or 5 nights now I've had dreams of home, old friends and places I visited when I was younger. The longest and most vivid was a dream of the summer camp I used to visit during the summer. I had mixed feelings about the camp experience as a whole, and the […]

Still searching

Some people still haven't found what they're looking for. Especially, those “eskimos in antarctica”. 46 total hits related to “elephant drawings” or “drawing elephants“. I really should set up a page that is the definitive internet resource on elephant drawing. Apparently there are people out there that demand it. There are also people that demand […]