CMWC ’03 Photos and Recap

Photos from all three days of the Cycle Messenger World Championships are online now.

* Day 1 consisted of the group ride, the bunny-hop competition and the backwards circles competition.
* Day 2 was the qualifier races during the day, hill sprints, some bike polo and track stand competition at night.
* Day 3 was the cargo race, and main race, followed by the track slalom at night.


Alex has got his pictures online here filling in some of the gaps where I missed things.

Alas, we missed Mason doing his Guinness World Record 77 backward circles (second place had 9), and we didn't get to see the track skid competition or the Alleycat race. But there were plenty of other amazing cycling feats going on all the time. I did witness about 5 or 6 spills, two of which were head-first over the handlebars, scary looking falls, but the riders got right back up and kept going. Considering the race course was held on hilly crumbling pavement, mixing with a few brick streets, and a dash of train tracks and gravel thrown in, a few spills were expected.

As always, a few quotes from the weekend (I wish I'd brought a pen and pad of paper, because there were so many more that my beer-addled brain didn't hold on to):

Over the walkie-talkie: “Affirmative, this is checkpoint 7, we have Hooters girls.”

Walkie-talkie: “This is the PBR checkpoint, we need more… you guessed it… PBR.”

Guy on the phone with his girlfriend: “You would not believe what I'm looking at right now. A naked guy on a bike.”
(hangs up phone): “My girlfriend is coming down.”

Walkie-talkie: “Does anyone have any fucking idea what's going on?”

Female organizer at the hectic finish line: “Mason so owes me a blowjob for all of this.”

Person 1: “How are we going to get this stuff up to the right checkpoint?”
Person 2: “Um, we might be able to find a courier around here somewhere.”

If you remember anything else, feel free to add it.

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