The MissShady Saga: Part VIII

Full back story can be found here.

(all AIM screennames have been changed to protect the innocent, and the just plain dumb)

She wrote again, and I didn't feel like chatting. It was going to be short, but then I decided to play.

The first exchange…

bajanka hey you
Me: mi no hablo ingles
bajanka ???????????
Me: I only speak a little english
Me: remember I am in spain
bajanka cut the shit
Me: how do you do that?
bajanka :-X
Me: that is funny
bajanka do you get off on this shit?
Me: yes I will get off now

I then signed off. I wasn't in the mood to play these games. But about a half-hour later I thought it might be fun to sign on as MissShady and chat with bajanka. But I realized she had signed off and signed on as LilMissShady. The Missus and the LilMissus needed to have a chat.

Note: This is me as MissShady

MissShady: hey hon
LilMissShady: fuck you
MissShady: no thanks
LilMissShady: you're really pathetic and you obviously have no life
LilMissShady: damn
MissShady: you're pretty pathetic yourself
LilMissShady: how?
LilMissShady: i'd really like to know
MissShady: using other people's e-mail addresses for your screennames
LilMissShady: get over it fag
MissShady: what makes you think I'm a fag?
LilMissShady: pretending to be married and spanish
MissShady: at least I don't listen to Tyrese
LilMissShady: that's ok
LilMissShady: i'd rather listen to tyrese then have no life
MissShady: if you have so much of a life, why are you on AIM all the time too?
LilMissShady: i am not
MissShady: are too
MissShady: loser
LilMissShady: i don't even own a pc
LilMissShady: i'm never on
LilMissShady: i got your loser bitch
MissShady: I'll turn you on
LilMissShady: oh, and it seems you speek english very well
MissShady: you're a genius. you saw right through my spanish lie
LilMissShady: and why the fuck did you talk to my friend like you were me
LilMissShady: that's REALLY pathetic
MissShady: aren't we all you?
LilMissShady: why do you like fucking with me soo much?
LilMissShady: what did i ever do to you?
MissShady: you insulted me and my spanish wife
LilMissShady: wtf?
MissShady: ftw?
LilMissShady: well………
MissShady: you are cute when you're angry
LilMissShady: thnx

There has to be some lesson in anger management psychology right here. Flirt with the beast and it quiets down.

LilMissShady: i don't see why you can't just calm down or leave me alone
LilMissShady: i wouldn't mind talking to you if you didn't lie or try to piss me off
LilMissShady: or steal my screen names
MissShady: or if you didn't steal my e-mail addresses
LilMissShady: hey, if i did it was an innocent accident and nothing more
MissShady: just be careful when you make up an e-mail address
LilMissShady: it would have told me if the name was already taken
LilMissShady: i don't understand

I desperately wanted to explain this to her. Spell it out in simple terms, and give her a little lesson on how AIM and registering e-mail addresses, etc… all work. I decided to save my virtual breath.

MissShady: nevermind
LilMissShady: good
MissShady: so, you must really like the number 8

Note: There are varying numbers of 8's in all of MissShady's real screennames

LilMissShady: well i like 88
MissShady: why?
LilMissShady: because you get ATE twice
MissShady: ba-dum tsshh…
LilMissShady: you eat pussy?
MissShady: does a cow eat grass?
LilMissShady: so, how old are you really?
LilMissShady: why do you still have my screen name?

I actually had to double-check the age I gave her as the younger brother. Not like she's keeping track of all the pieces and looking for holes in my stories, but I'm trying hard not to contradict anything too much, and also to keep the brothers as two separate people. But I really doubt she's ever believed that one.

MissShady: just turned 18
MissShady: why not? you gave it to me
LilMissShady: no i didn't
LilMissShady: you stole it
LilMissShady: i don't even know the password anymore
MissShady: the whole using my e-mail address thing, which you don't understand
MissShady: I never changed the password
LilMissShady: i forgot it
LilMissShady: fuck it
LilMissShady: you found me or whatever so screw it
MissShady: you've got a cute new screenname now
LilMissShady: thnx
MissShady: with some nice 8's
MissShady: you must really like eating pussy
LilMissShady: no i like to receive
MissShady: ever given back?
LilMissShady: once in a while if i'm fucked up enough
LilMissShady: why do you get on and pretend to be “your brother”?
MissShady: my brother has chatted with you too?
LilMissShady: i guess
LilMissShady: “your brother” is nice
MissShady: he just beats on me
LilMissShady: maybe you deserve it
MissShady: thnx
LilMissShady: my brother used to kick my ass all the time
LilMissShady: don't cry
MissShady: I'm sure you loved it
LilMissShady: not really, but it made me a stronger person
MissShady: strong enough to listen to bad music and have your pussy eaten
MissShady: yeah, you're a tough cookie
MissShady: that's what they all say
MissShady: I need to get going
LilMissShady: bye
MissShady: you probably have a good pussy-eating lined up. enjoy.
LilMissShady: hope” your brother” beats your face in

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