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Month September 2003

Bar Whores and the Gay Gaze

Some interesting thoughts from Mim about the male gaze and related power dynamics. This got me to start analyzing two phenomenon I've noticed, the Bar Whores and the Gay Gaze.

Salty Balls are so 1998

Another bike weekend

Not a lot of riding, but definitely a lot of shopping, tweaking, buying and just generally geeking out on bikes this weekend. Skyler (with some tools and help from Alex) managed to put together a nice fixed-gear conversion for under $120 (so far). He still needs to get a working brake on there. Maybe. Brakes […]

I like my…

Continuing this list: I like my bicycles like I like my women… * …expensive and Italian * …tandem * …fixed-gear * …with aggressive geometry * …recumbent How do you like your women/men and bicycles?

Surreal Weekend

Went to the Amon Tobin show at Chop Suey on Friday and had a great time. Got stupid drunk on PBR (starting early with Alex, Skyler and some bike messenger friends, helped). At Chop Suey I tossed an empty plastic cup over my shoulder and hit the owner of the place and his girlfriend. An […]

CMWC ’03 Photos and Recap

Photos from all three days of the insane, action-packed Cycle Messenger World Championships are online now. A good time was had by all, and I’ve certainly never seen so much PBR consumed in a single weekend.

Triathlon Photos

Finally, the photos from Alex and I doing the Seattle Escape From the Rock Triathlon are online here. Thanks again to Skyler who got up early with us, cheered us on and took the pictures to capture our pain and insanity for posterity. But what a great time it was. A couple more quotes from […]

End of Summer Craziness

The past few weeks have been full of friends, craziness, more craziness and a lot of drinking (not to mention walking). Here are a bunch of photos from The Admiral's visit, some nights out with the rest of the Meatfreezer gang, and the post-Triathlon/Skyler's Birthday trip to Bainbridge island.

Pirates, sharks and imaginations

Welcome to The Admiral as he sets sail upon the vast open ocean that is the Inter-wet. Hey, Alex since we both loved swimming so much, why don't we try for the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim next year. Sounds great! They even have separate divisions for swimmers without wetsuits! We're all set! Andrew Davis has got […]

Alive, but definitely not kickin’

We did it. Alex and I both successfully finished our first triathlon, the Seattle Escape From the Rock Triathlon. The results are also in. Alex and I are in the last half of the

El Duce Magical History Tour Photos

On August the 29th of 2003, Joseph “El Duce” Oguiza worked his last day at The Stranger and as a farewell send-off he led a walking tour through Seattle to the important locations from his time here. Full details and preparations for the event are online here. And now my photos from the journey are […]


I still have a billion (yes, really, a billion) pictures from last weekend to organize and put up online. Soon. But first to get the monthly search strings out of the way. Since I keep Google bombing myself, I keep getting more and more hits for the search strings I've already listed. Here are some […]

The MissShady Saga: Part VIII

Full back story can be found here. (all AIM screennames have been changed to protect the innocent, and the just plain dumb) She wrote again, and I didn't feel like chatting. It was going to be short, but then I decided to play.