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Another bike weekend

Not a lot of riding, but definitely a lot of shopping, tweaking, buying and just generally geeking out on bikes this weekend. Skyler (with some tools and help from Alex) managed to put together a nice fixed-gear conversion for under $120 (so far). He still needs to get a working brake on there. Maybe. Brakes are overrated.

I went out and did a lot of shopping, salesperson-grilling, and test-riding on Saturday, and ended up settling on this beautiful baby. I'm quite happy. The aluminum frames of the “big three” (Trek, Specialized and Giant) all felt rigid, uncomfortable and delicate. It brought the prices down a bit and allowed for a few more bells and whistles in the components, but I just couldn't do it. After riding the steel-alloy Bianchi, my mind was pretty much made-up. Nothing (that I can afford right now, at least) quite beats the comfortable, durable ride of steel. Yeah, I guess you can say that when it comes to the women analogy, I went with the “expensive Italian”.

Skyler was also asking Alex and I if we had names for our bikes. I replied, “No, not really. Although I affectionately called the Specialized [mountain bike] 'fucking piece of shit' during the STP.”

Surreal Weekend

Went to the Amon Tobin show at Chop Suey on Friday and had a great time. Got stupid drunk on PBR (starting early with Alex, Skyler and some bike messenger friends, helped). At Chop Suey I tossed an empty plastic cup over my shoulder and hit the owner of the place and his girlfriend. An apology and an offer to buy a drink (he refused) sort of smoothed things over. I wasn't kicked out, at least.

New pair of shoes on Saturday and a short run.

Drink again Saturday at the workplace of the best cocktail waitress ever. Played some pool. My first game went something like this… I rack. Opponent breaks. Sinks one and sinks another. My turn. I run the table. I'm as surprised as my opponent. First time I've pulled that off. I play half-decent for the rest of the night.

Sunday, a trail run at Cougar Mountain Park.

Stopped for gas on my way back and an old lady in a red chevette pulls up, waiting for a free pump. I finish filling my tank and look up to see the chevette slowly moving forward with apparently no driver behind the wheel. Someone shouts, “Quick! Someone stop that car!” I run around to the driver's side to see the old woman hanging out of the door, hands clenched to the steering wheel, being dragged along the ground. I grab her under the arms, pull her out of the way of the rear wheel, hop in and step on the brake.

I get home and decide to go see Lost in Translation. I was in that strange but perfect, melancholy, sentimental, movie-viewing mode where even one of the trailers beforehand brought tears to my eyes. There was also a trailer for The Returner which looked pretty damn cool.

Lost in Translation was amazing. Yeah. Wow. Sofia Coppola sure knows what she's doing. She picks some great soundtracks too.

Lastly, my deepest sympathies to a number of friends who are going through some tough times.

CMWC ’03 Photos and Recap

Photos from all three days of the Cycle Messenger World Championships are online now.

* Day 1 consisted of the group ride, the bunny-hop competition and the backwards circles competition.
* Day 2 was the qualifier races during the day, hill sprints, some bike polo and track stand competition at night.
* Day 3 was the cargo race, and main race, followed by the track slalom at night.


Alex has got his pictures online here filling in some of the gaps where I missed things.
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Triathlon Photos

Finally, the photos from Alex and I doing the Seattle Escape From the Rock Triathlon are online here.


Thanks again to Skyler who got up early with us, cheered us on and took the pictures to capture our pain and insanity for posterity. But what a great time it was. A couple more quotes from the morning that I remember (or paraphrased):

Alex (putting on the swim cap): “I look like a fucking condom.”

Chase (asking a volunteer for directions): “Whereabouts do we go?”
Volunteer: “I'm not going anywhere. This is my spot. I'm staying right here.”

Alex or Skyler: “You can tell how cold it is by looking at Chase's nipples.”

Alex: “There's a fat 70 year old in the water over there.”
Skyler: “You guys can beat him.”
Alex: “He'll probably kick our asses, he's got more blubber.”

Pirates, sharks and imaginations

Welcome to The Admiral as he sets sail upon the vast open ocean that is the Inter-wet.

Hey, Alex since we both loved swimming so much, why don't we try for the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim next year. Sounds great! They even have separate divisions for swimmers without wetsuits! We're all set!

Andrew Davis has got a collection of interesting and amusing quotations going.

Put it on your calendars, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Well, shiver me timbers! Arrr!!!

Alive, but definitely not kickin’

We did it. Alex and I both successfully finished our first triathlon, the Seattle Escape From the Rock Triathlon. The results are also in. Alex and I are in the last half of the third page. I was excited to see that there was a fourth page after us, but right now it is still blank. Maybe they'll be putting more names up later. Maybe people are still running. I finished with a time of 1:54:25 total for the 3/4 mile swim (the buoys drifted from their original 1/2 mile position), the incredibly windy 12.5 (not 11 mile, according to my bike computer) ride, and the slightly shorter than 2.5 mile run. The swim was by far my weakest. According to the official time, it took me 36 minutes. Enter my bib number, 464, in the results page to get a breakdown of swim, T1, bike, T2, and run. Looks like their fancy timer chips didn't work for my biking portion. For the most part, during the bike and the run, I was cruising past people. Well, maybe not cruising. More than 700 people entered, and who knows how many actually competed, but Alex and I were 229th and 245th respectively. Not too shabby. Now to work on cutting our total times IN HALF (!?!?) to compete with the top guys.

Thanks again to Skyler for getting up early with us and cheering us on. Pictures to come soon. For now, some of the deliriously giddy quotes I remember from the early morning preparation (there were so many other gems, I wish I had had a tape recorder)…

Skyler: “Did you guys remember to bring your A-Game?”

Chase: “Skyler, if you call the strippers now, they might be at the transition point when we finish our swim.”

Alex: “Fuckin' shit. Goddam fuckin' shit… I want to go back to bed.”

Announcer: “Anyone here from overseas?”
Chase: “Mali tu-tu kachi (click-click) nana (click) anachichi.”
Chase: “In my language, that means I will kick your asses in the run.”
Skyler: “…but what is this water you speak of?”

Alex: “Just think, after today, we will be three-time monathletes.”


I still have a billion (yes, really, a billion) pictures from last weekend to organize and put up online. Soon. But first to get the monthly search strings out of the way. Since I keep Google bombing myself, I keep getting more and more hits for the search strings I've already listed. Here are some new ones I haven't seen before.

* rotundus maximus
* carmen sandiego instant messenger buddy icon
* clean shaven schizophrenia
* even more charac
* funny
* gas-guzzling muffler air cause super clean living collection of
* his slut wife messed up and got fucked
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