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With Alex really getting into cycling lately, now owning a fixed gear, and getting involved with the courier community he got me to go check out the local game of bike polo with him tonight. A couple videos: video 1 (2.5mb), video 2 (3.5mb), and pictures:

This is all just a taste, since we have Courier Messenger Worlds coming to Seattle in just 3 weeks (yes, I went and borrowed a bunch of links from Alex).

Le Parkour

parkour.jpg I'd seen it featured in the Nike commercials (the one with the guy running from the chicken) without realizing it was even a sport. Thanks to injection for the Guardian article giving some of the origins. “Le Parkour” is an adaptation/bastardization of a French word meaning “obstacle racing”, and isn't really about racing, but is more an alternative way to move through an urban environment. Official site here with a couple amazing videos. Another detailed site with a ton of resources. Fun to know my desire to run, jump and climb on city architecture has a name other than hyperactivity. Who wants to start a Seattle chapter with me?


Or we could settle for flat-out climbing the buildings. A few more interesting pictures here. Volunteer Park, just up the hill, has got a big brick water tower that I've seen a lot of people traversing. Might be a good place to start. Add some dynos to the buildering and it starts to look a bit like Parkour. The fun never ends.

12 thoughts on “Urban Sports

  1. Anonymous

    So who wants to do some Seattle parkour? Im a student at UW and occasionally take the less common routes down stairways and over rocks, benches, and ledges. Id love to hear of a good place around the U district where I could expand on my very very basic technique.

  2. lopolis

    Drop me a line and we should head out for a little “run”. lopolis at lopolis dot com. There ought to be some great places around the UW campus to play. I don’t know the nooks and crannies of the U District, but I know South Lake Union has got the some great combinations of old battered buildings, parking lots, garages, etc… Plenty of opportunity in this fine city.

  3. seb

    Yeah I’ve been reading about it alot lately (Parkour that is). I want to try, but with someone who might known a thing or two already..

    Drop me a line, if you are starting up a clan. If nothing else, I could be a photographer for the group..

  4. raege

    this is random, but i’ve been reading up on parkour and interested in trying it, but i dont know anyone who does it.. if any of you in seattle are gonna give it a try, i’d love to at least come check it out? i’m moving back up into capitol hill (from southern california) in a week, so let me know..

  5. Chris

    Hi, my name’s Chris. In an effort to grow and unite the Parkour community in WA, I’ve been googling around for “Seattle Parkour” and “Washington Parkour” to find people in the area who are interested and practice that I haven’t met yet. I’ve met and started up a lot of traceurs in the 17 months I’ve been into the sport, and I just launched a forum dedicated to Traceurs in Washington state. If anyone here is still interested in doing Parkour and meeting other people in WA who love the sport, come to http://theonlymegumegu.sandwich.net/forum/index.php , register and introduce yourself in the introductions sticky!

  6. Collin

    Just went for the first time today, the gas works park has some nice stuff to work. Not really good yet but trying to get better any one down i’m trying to go at least once a week probubly sundays at the gas works when its nice.


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