Weekend Outdoors

Climbing on Saturday and biking on Sunday. My body aches in a very satisfying way. Alex has got some good pictures from the bike ride today (mostly from the rest stops, since it's hard to take pictures while riding).

Yesterday I went with a couple people to the Little Si (the smaller mountain, adjacent to Mt. Si) area, where we tackled some of the fun, classic routes. We started on the Blackstone Wall, and we took turns each doing all 3 routes ranging from a 5.8 to a 5.10b.

LEFT: Dustin at the top of the first route, The Big Easy, 5.9. CENTER: Kelly on a tricky start to the 5.10. RIGHT: My poor technique on the 5.8.

Next we walked over to The Woods and all tried the classic 11a, Godflesh. Looking up, it was a high, intimidating roof. Dustin finished without much problem. I was able to get around the roof, but my arms just didn't have enough oomph to get the last two moves to the finish. Next time.

LEFT: An attempt at a vertical panorama. Dustin at the roof of Godflesh. LEFT-CENTER: Starting my attempt. RIGHT-CENTER: Resting. RIGHT: Over the roof.

Last but not least we walked over to World Wall I, which was an impressive sight. The ledge running along the bottom of the cliff is 30 feet above the forest floor, which makes for an interesting path/scramble to the start of most routes. This wall is known to have some of the tougher sport routes in the state. Quite a bit beyond any of us, especially at the end of our day. We did an easy, big-hold, but steep diagonal traverse called Reptiles and Amphetamines, 5.9. That's Kelly heading up it at right.

I can't wait to get out again. It was a great day, and finished off just right with burgers and shakes at Scott's Dairy Freeze in North Bend.

One thought on “Weekend Outdoors

  1. The Admiral

    Wow, that looks very difficult. don’t those rocks have elevators?

    oh yeah, also, you guys are CRAZY



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