How to eliminate the hipster plague

Or is this just ironic?

Hipster hit by chair


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  1. Paul Ohlhaut,

    That’s a great idea!

  2. Kate Noson,

    Ooooo, he’s cute!

  3. Kate Noson,

    Damn! Who is that hottie?

  4. Wandee Pryor,

    Oh my God… I KNOW HIM!… Man I wish my boyfriend had cool hair like that.

  5. mynhung pham,

    Hey soapstar, that’s a great shirt. I vaguely remember trying to make that face more than once that night.

  6. mynhung pham,


  7. mynhung pham,

    OOPS! My computer’s ancient, I thought it had froze, so I clicked away….make it stop!

  8. dan Ohlhaut,

    u r hot

  9. phil ohlhaut,

    who is that chauncie?

  10. Anonymous,

    hahahaha oh that made me rofl.

  11. james,

    i hate hipsters n i live in williamsburg BK n thats hipster land!! i should have reaserched b4 i moved there

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