The MissShady Saga: Part VII, The Return

Just when I thought the saga had ended, I receive a message from my dear MissShady today. It was a short conversation, but I think she knows she'll be coming back for more. I mean, we've made it past the STD discussion stage of our relationship.

bajanka: hey
Me: howdy
bajanka: it's been a while
bajanka: remember me?
Me: yeah. I've missed you ;-)
bajanka: shut up
Me: sheesh, I was just joking.
Me: what's new with you?
bajanka: shit
bajanka: nothing really
bajanka: did you ever kick your brothers ass?
Me: yeah, I did. I think he got the idea not to mess with my stuff anymore.
bajanka: yeah right
bajanka: he probly kicked your ass
bajanka: ;-)
Me: hehe, you'd laugh if you saw him
Me: he's the scrawniest 17 year old you can possibly imagine
bajanka: you got a pic?
bajanka: of you or him?
Me: no
bajanka: oh well
bajanka: you still swim?
Me: yeah, been lifeguarding for the summer
bajanka: at a pool?
Me: yup.
Me: nearby country club
bajanka: i pierced my ears
bajanka: that's about the most exciting thing that's happened
Me: that's pretty cool
Me: did you have them pierced at all before?
bajanka: like 6 times
Me: so how many holes in each ear now?
bajanka: 1
bajanka: pathetic, i know
Me: so it was 6 unsuccessful times before?
bajanka: yes, i kept letting them close
Me: one of my ear piercings got infected and I had to take it out
bajanka: which one?
Me: one of the ones in my left ear. I had two in both
bajanka: oh, i see
Me: been doing a lot of bikini waxes?
bajanka: i quit that job
bajanka: this bitch came in with crabs
bajanka: fuck that
Me: I hate grumpy people
bajanka: crabs
bajanka: pubic lice
Me: it was a joke
Me: yes, that's gross
bajanka: i was just making sure
Me: you have any fun STDs?
bajanka: i thought i had clhamidia
bajanka: i think that's how you spell it
Me: but you were clean?
bajanka: yep
bajanka: false alarm
Me: phew
bajanka: yeah really
Me: you still gonna get it on with this guy who's in jail?
bajanka: yep
bajanka: he gets on work release in sept or oct
bajanka: i'm gonna break him off somethin proper
Me: remember the condoms. who knows what he's been doing in prison
bajanka: who he's been doing
bajanka: so where's your brother at?
bajanka: i'd like to stick my foot up his ass a couple times
bajanka: side ways
Me: I think he's off at his friends house
Me: his only friend
bajanka: well i gotta go
Me: ok, don't go sticking your foot up too many asses
bajanka: maybe we''l talk again
bajanka: just your brothers
bajanka: :-*

One thought on “The MissShady Saga: Part VII, The Return

  1. The Admiral

    I think your next step should be to now pretend you are the younger brother again. she seems to like the trouble maker, scrawny kid type (as that’s what i pictured when thinking of her prison-pal.) i bet you she’ll send insult after insult, making it clear she’ll never never talk to you again….and yet i bet you’ll notice that the conversation will last twice as long as when you’re the older, mature type. she’ll probably also write you more often.

    just a guess…but i’d be willing to bet you’ll get a lot more out of her if you’re the younger, immature kid again


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